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Have Just A Phone Number? iOS 6 Facebook Integration Can Fill In The Blanks

Techcrunch: A tipster pointed out to us that Facebook integration in iOS 6 could fill in details someone might not otherwise have if they get a hold of a phone number and put it into their Contacts app. Daniel Ioffe noticed that should a number in Contacts correspond to a Facebook profile, it’ll populate that entry with a profile photo and Facebook user name, even if all of the above information is kept private by the user.

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KingPin3230d ago

clearly these guys never bothered integrating facebook with an HTC ONE X. not only do they go into the contacts, but their phone numbers fill in automatically even if its private on facebook. Stalkers heaven lol

killershadow1173229d ago

Hmm, my windows phone does this already.

Software_Lover3229d ago

uhhhhhhhhhhh this has been on windows phone 7 since release. Once again an article giving them credit where it isn't due.

Speed-Racer3229d ago

Expected from TechCrunch.