Nokia prices Lumia 920 higher than Samsung's Galaxy S III

Techspot: Nokia has priced their upcoming Lumia 920 smartphone higher than Samsung’s Galaxy S III, a move that has analysts wondering how the Finnish phone maker plans on justifying the premium. In some markets, Nokia’s flagship phone will sell for 25 percent more than the S III.

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Software_Lover3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Not good. Not good at all. Looks like it will be a surface tablet, and a wait and see approach with the 920. For me atleast.

Gondee3232d ago

Its not nokias fault they crafted a well built phone and didn't just skimp and go with the thinnest possible plastic to win the comparison tests.

Nokias build quality is worlds above samsung, i guess we will have to pay for it too

Software_Lover3232d ago

You know I never even thought about that. The galaxy s3, the nice phone that it is, is basicly plastic. I bought my wife one and didn't notice the lightness of the phone until I went to take her sim card out of her Atrix 2. You could tell the difference in build quality immediately then. Atrix 2 is a well built phone and is hefty. Galaxy s3 is mainly thin plastic and just seems cheaper compared to it.