PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

Digital Storm: Some things in this world just don’t get along – oil and water, cats and dogs, PC gamers and console gamers. One can barely go on a gaming forum these days without seeing the standard animosity between the two factions repeatedly rear its ugly head. So what is the truth of the matter? Who really has the superior gaming system? A side-by-side comparison can show us a lot.

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Blackdeath_6634086d ago

agreed, console gamers will hate simply because they don't know what pc gaming is about, they don't know how superior it is. i used to say that i preferred console gaming because it was simple and less of a hassle but when you realised the difference it makes and once you did the research and spent a few extra bucks it becomes apparent that there is indeed no contest.

NastyDaddeh4085d ago

well said brother... PC FTFW (FOR THE FUCKIN WIN)

thebudgetgamer4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Why would I hate on someone for how they play video games. Seems like you hate on console gamers way more than they give a crap about what youy play.

Yea when I'm home at night I allways think of what some jerk on the internet is playing and cry.

M_Prime4085d ago

I used to only play PC games and then it just got too much to keep upgrading. I have a fairly decent PC but i didn't even bother to put in a video card because i decided its easier to play on Consoles. the tweaking part is a pain and even more of a pain when some new games have issues with drivers, or new drivers get released that don't work as well as others. Or even better, you have an Nvidia card and the game runs choppy but if you had an ATI(AMD) you would be fine.

I was tired of this stuff, and the article says that you can keep the components and use them much longer. My brother is a PC gamer, i built his rig and he goes through more mice then i have ever had controllers break. Some mice started double clicking or a new BETTER one would come out and he would get that, and same goes for keyboards. He spends more on peripherals then i ever did for my xbox, and i bought KINECT (i did not buy HD-DVD lol).

to each their own but PC gaming is not friendly at all to most people, or for people like me, i just don't have the time to get everything to work right to play a game. When i have time i just want to pop in a disk and play then shut it off when i am done. I use my PC for the internet mainly and managing music, other then that i maybe play some OLD games that i was fond of a long time ago (like CHILDREN OF THE NILE, SIM TOWER, CIV2) hell i used to play sims but sims3 came to XBOX and its done so well.

iamnsuperman4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

and I thought this website didn't have fanboys. Never mind then

@M-prime I use a PC for certain types of games (mainly old RTS games). I do not see PC superior and nor do I see consoles superior. Each have big flaws. I just stick with console gaming because there is no need to upgrade to expensive hardware every couple of years (just going by experience of my laptops over many years and PC hardware deteriorates). SO I buy my PC games when they have been out for a few years so my PC can run them

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steve30x4085d ago

@ M_Prime : Honestly if you think its a real hassle to get games working on a PC then you are either a console gamer pretending that you used to play games on the PC or you are incredibly lazy. I play 99% of my games on my PC and between installing the game and getting into the game it takes no hard work. 99% of the time all you have to do is install the game , take a few seconds to set your graphics to what your hardware can handle and play. Its not rocket science and its not difficult anymore.

KingPin4085d ago

i agree with M_Prime.

i used to play PC games too. and i also had the struggle of setting up games. coz i noticed that graphics cards back then were outdated in 2/3 years. for those 2/3 years, they were king of the hill. any game that comes their way they simply handled it with ease. install a game, put all settings on high and away you go. then after that, getting optimum graphics was a bit of a pain. medium settings didn't look so great anymore. im not one to upgrade my pc every 2 years. (graphics mostly, but had to add ram on one occasion and update the processor too)

yes on consoles, you just pop the game in. no hassles. no added settings to mess with. graphics are as optimum as they gonna get and the games run smooth. and the hardware lasts almost twice or three times as long without touching the hardware.

and i been playing games on a P2 around 1997/8 with 4MB video memory up until probably my last gaming rig which was an amd athlon 1500+ with 128MB ati radeon card around 2002/03. so i think you can take my word that i been through my fair share of PC games.

R6ex4085d ago

I have a 3570K/GTX670 PC but other than the graphics, the PC always frustrates me. I don't know much about computers, so its frustrating when suddenly your headset don't work when it was working fine the day before. Halfway through the game, some error message appears and my game hangs. The Aimon PS Elite controller produces intermittent signals and I can't figure out why because it tested out fine at the shop. PC game keys are not friendly to Xbox 360 Wireless controller and Aimon PS Elite. I have the faintest idea how to map keys with what software. Even if I know what's going on, I don't have the time to play around with settings. I work 90 hours weeks, so gaming time is very very hard to find. Thus, for people like me, console gaming is more suitable. Drop in the disk and everything just works!

I'm eagerly awaiting the PS4 and Xbox 720.

Legion4084d ago


I program games as a hobby. And have been using computers since TRS-80 days. (used to sell my game programs on floppy disks and tape cassettes out of the local Radio Shack)

And even I today see all updates as a hassle. Annoying little glitches that need to be Sherlocked Holmed just because I loaded new software onto my PC that is now some how conflicting with older software.

So many different variables to deal with. My issues are more so on the Media Software side as I do little to no gaming on PC anymore. The issues that arise are new almost every single time.

If you are just installing the game and not having to load new drivers. Revert to an older driver... or basically just having to tweak settings left and right then you are very lucky or just have little real software installed on your computers?

I remember the old days of buying games where you would need a new graphics card just to play the game each year. Lucky for us the newer games haven't totally reverted to old times... and haven't been able to surpass current technology of cards as easily as before.

Legion4086d ago

Always better to be able to create a game for one system and not worry about different components and adaptability.

In today's market the console has it right in being able to identify a single model to create for.

PC is always a game of having to torture yourself in updating the system specs or tweaking items to make a game work on it.

PC has more potential but the variety of components is it's downfall.

NastyDaddeh4085d ago

just set windows to automatically look for updates and it will find the latest drivers for the multitude of hardware components and will download them then the drivers do the rest.....

steve30x4085d ago

You are right that Console gaming is about just turning on your console and playing the game , but you are wrong in saying you have to torture yourself to update your hardware. The only new hardware in my computer is my Nvidia GTX680 and the rest of my hardware is over two years old.

I also agree that the variety of available hardware is the downfall of PC. Honestly the hardware manufactureres need to concentrate on three different bits of hardware. One motherboard for low end , one for mid range and one for high end , same goes for CPU , ram and graphics manufacturers. The way it is theres about ten different motherboards , a big selection of GPU's and a big selection of motherboards. Its just gone out of hand.

Legion4084d ago

Note: Just because your video card is the only NEW hardware does not mean it is the only thing that needs updated. Many old hardware need to update drivers that are constantly being pushed down.

Main reason that people fail to get programs to install and work properly is the simple matter as them not knowing that new drivers are available that NEW software is looking for.

Other reason are that people's system and hardware may work perfectly fine for one game and not work as expected for other games.

Another big issue that few talk about is that some older games that you have in your collection might not work with newer drivers and or hardware. just the fact of updating your system can often prevent you from playing some old titles. (especially when updating to new operating systems)

Many (vast majority) of people who play PC games have little clue how to keep their system up-to-date for local games to run properly.

We are living in the Facebook age... if it doesn't work for you then people have little clue how to resolve conflicts.

And even for those that do know how to update their systems to spec for a game. The game still might work better for one persons PC versus another persons.

If everyone had the same high end PC configuration then the PC games would be that much better. And look and play that much better.

But capitalism shoots that down because everyone is trying to make you want their product over another and no real industrial standards exist.

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Phoenix764086d ago

I personally prefer to switch between PC and console these days. Each has its own merits IMO.

Cant everyone (gamers, fanboys and general users)just get along :)

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