Nokia To Take Action Against HTC’s Windows Phone 8?

GS writes Remember Nokia’s joint event with Microsoft early in this month of September? The Finnish Company introduced two of its masterpieces, including the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920. Two weeks later, HTC held its press conference in which it took off the curtains and presented its flagship Windows Phone 8X with Windows Phone 8S.

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Software_Lover3905d ago

Please dont turn this into Apple vs Samsung. The HTC and Nokia WP8 offerings are both great. I think it is a good idea for Microsoft to allow all of the vibrant colors of their O.S. phones. It is atleast something to differentiate a wp8 from android or iphone.

Microsoft needs to come in and quell this if true.

jerethdagryphon3905d ago

if you can patent things so simple theres no hope

KingPin3905d ago

its only a matter of time before colours become patent-able. if we learned anything from the last law suit, rectangles that contain rounded corners are taken and so is the rubberband effect.