Facebook Stock Falls Again, Moves Closer to Circling the Drain

Maximum PC: You don't need to pity Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire whiz kid who may have gotten himself in over his head when taking the world's largest social playground to the stock market. As in, way over his head. He'll be okay. But that $38 IPO price, which was supposed to be just the beginning of a much, much higher number? It seems like a distant memory just four short months later. For one reason or another, Facebook's share price keeps moving further away from its IPO price, having started the week off by dropping more than 9.1 percent to $20.79 on Monday. Today it's down slightly more, and some are saying it could fall to $15.

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newsguy3236d ago

Boy am I glad I didn't buy!

andresegers3236d ago Show
GrumpyVeteran3235d ago

I'm not gonna be one of those people that pretend to understand what this really means .. so I ask:

Does it matter for the end user if the stocks keep falling? I mean if they become only worth 50 cents eventually, does it actually matter? Prior to the IPO they weren't a public company and didn't even have this sorta stuff going on and they were fine so...I'm confused.

Lord Anubis3235d ago

the stock is representative of the worth of the company. the less is worth the less likely it will get loans, the less likely it will pay their own bills through their own revenue.

SilentNegotiator3235d ago

Once it becomes cheap enough, someone will buy it out. And then they will have a LOT of personal data in their hands.

That's what I worry about for its users.

Gondee3235d ago

I don't think wallstreet gets the social ecosystem facebook has. Sure they don't turn massive profits, and maybe the shareholders are mad "BeCAuSE MArK is BUying Tings WE DonT NeeD" but they drive what most consider, outside of google, the center of our internet. Thats massive power, and it takes time and skill to convert that, without destroying your position, to a SUPER profitable company ( or whatever the shareholders want). They should not have gone public. A social service like Facebook has no reason to be publicly traded.