Toshiba Claims 500GB Canvio Slim is World's Thinnest Portable Hard Drive

Maximum PC: Toshiba's new (and somewhat redundantly named) 'Canvio Slim Portable External Hard Drive' makes it easier than ever to cram 500GB of data into your pants or shirt pocket. That's because the new Canvio drive is supposedly the world's thinnest portable model. It's just 9 mm thick, which is ever-so-slightly chunkier than a Samsung Galaxy S III (8.6 mm), to give you a point of reference. The drive is also 107 mm long and 75 mm wide, which coverts to 0.35 inches by 4.21 inches by 2.95 inches, if you have an aversion to the metric system.

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justinbkerr3224d ago

Its Not the size of Drive, it's what you store on it. :)

fatstarr3223d ago

I agree, wonder what the fail rate is tho.

newsguy3224d ago

$115? That's not too bad for the world's thinnest portable HDD.

andresegers3224d ago

But is it thinner than an iPhone?

SephirothX213224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

but who gives a crap because iPhone is an insult to the human race.

mpctips3224d ago

No, but it's Maps functionally is just as useful as the iPhone's.

fatstarr3223d ago

* will it blend ?
is the correct phrase you are looking for