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Rioting sweeps Chinese Apple iPhone 5 factory

Yahoo News, Call it another black eye for Foxconn, the embattled Chinese manufacturing company responsible for assembling hot Apple products like the new iPhone 5. Foxconn's 79,000-employee Taiyuan plant was shuttered earlier today after a fight escalated to the point that it involved 2,000 company workers.

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Software_Lover3834d ago

If only apple would move those factories to America, you know, where their company is founded. But alas, the shareholders would piss their pants at the reduced margins because they would have to pay a decent wage, have factories up to par, and show that they care about people in general.

Sucitta3834d ago

if only we would wake up and arrest the sick bankers that sold our way of life for profit.

thebudgetgamer3834d ago

Unions would make things too expensive, they say Apple products are axpensive now it would be three times as much.

Software_Lover3834d ago

They could charge the same prices they are charging now, and still make a profit, that profit just would not be as large. Of course their stock prices would take a massive hit I would say for maybe the first year, maybe 2, but once they stabalize then its just business as normal.

And thats with any company, not just apple.

But I do agree with you that sometimes, Unions can take things a little too far.

Software_Lover3834d ago

I bubbled you up. The media has basicly made it a crime to protest. You are un-american if you protest against the banks and wall street and politicians, unless that politician is Obama. They call Martin Luther King a trouble maker. They continuously tried to sabotage the Occupy movement. Police were sent in the middle of the night, when they thought everyone was asleep to stir up things.

Its a shame.