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Digital Books are Trending – Sales are up

Suck My Trend - The paperback may be easy to get hold of, but an eBook is even easier. You can buy CDs off Amazon and eBay with literally thousands of books on them which can be installed to your Kindle within minutes. This same collection could take years to complete with paperback books and would also take up a whole room of storage. Why do you think studies are becoming more minimalist in their design? They are no longer a library.

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blogger872310d ago

Wonder if paperback is nearing its end?

Speed-Racer2310d ago

Glasses subscriptions are going to be up as well. Reading on those LCD driven models can't be good for you after a while. I actually bought the e-ink Nook over the LCD models for that reason.

blogger872310d ago

How did you find the Nook as compared to paperback?

Speed-Racer2310d ago

I love it. The whole reason I don't like paperbacks are because you have to hold it open *I am lazy hahhaha* but I lie down a lot when I read, so it's much more convenient. In terms of the looks, it's pretty much the same except the screen is grayish, but that's not a problem at all. A very good investment in my books.

2310d ago