AMD Radeon HD 8970 and HD 8950 Sea Islands GPU Specifications Leaked Various leaks of AMD’s upcoming Sea Islands GPUs have hit the web which include specifications of Radeon HD 8800 series GPUs and the successor to Sea Islands known as Volcanic Islands (Link). However there is still little known about the top end cards which fall under the HD 8900 series branding, but today thanks to a key source we have got the first details of the upcoming Venus based Radeon HD 8900 series graphics cards.

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badz1493908d ago

the upper end of HD7000 and GTX600 series is still very capable of maxing ALL games and they are still very pricey and yet here we are, gazing at the next series in the pipeline! now, even if I have 1 of those high end cards, I will feel outdated because there will be a new cards soon! DAMN!

and I'm not using HD6850...felt like it was released yesterday and I'm now about to go 2 series behind!

Kingnichendrix3908d ago

You shouldn't think like this, I'm by the way not telling you what you should like or not like but take it from experience rather, people are obsessed with the next best when they should be thinking what is best for me. like console gamers, they are content for a while then when a little spark of information about the next gen it causes a massive blaze of interest

badz1493907d ago

I get what you're saying and I'm pretty content by my current HD6850 (terrible typo up there!) and this is after 3 years of HD4850 that I decided to upgrade because albeit being way more powerful than what available on PS3 and 360, it's just not really showing on screen and the new releases are really making my HD4850 showing its age while I still adore how games on PS3 look on my big screen knowing that it has been the same hardware since 2006.

this is purely on the emotional side of things but yeah, the feeling of being outdated will still be there and makes me understand why enthusiasts upgrade!

Kingnichendrix3906d ago

haha I know exactly what you mean Im always looking at the best it almost seems like yesterday when the 8800gtx pny was the fastest card and had a crazy price tag now I look at that gtx690 and think wtf :L but yeah considering how old ps3 and 360 are they sure as hell have aged well unlike my pc :/ which I plan to upgrade lol :/ :L