Apple Users Adopting iOS 6 122% Faster Than iOS 5 After Two Days

TechCrunch: Despite claims by some that iOS 6 is less than a stellar update, it seems Apple’s latest release of its mobile operating system is being adopted quickly by users of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

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evil_element3235d ago

17hr in and still no comments??

Nephesh3235d ago

Here is a comment. I have been a loyal iPhone owner since the first gen iPhone, but Apple dropped the ball with the past 2 releases. Both the 4s and the 5 are not even caught up with the current Android phones that have been on the market for the past year! So, like many other iPhone owners, I will be jumping ship in favor of a more robust, feature rich phone from Samsung (Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3 or S4). It infuriates me that all the Apple iSheep are touting how great the iPhone 5 is when it has nothing that hasn't been available with even a better screen for over a year! See ya suckers!

BDG3234d ago

If I was still using the old, well past its sell by date, operating system I would be in a hurry to upgrade asap as well in the hope that I could feel better when around owners of Samsung and Sony premium smartphones which seriously show the i-phone for the fashion accessory it is!
I only feel sorry for the poor souls when they realise that even with the new update they will still feel inadequate leading to more pointless bragging about i-branded features that are either meaningless or the same as something else done better and more openly on android devices.
Personally, I have an Xperia S and loving it

overrated443234d ago

Upgraded the OS the first day, now if I could do something about my newly shortened battery life...