Why I'm Buying The iPhone 5, And Why You'd Be Wise To Do So Too

NRM writes "So why do I find myself as one of the two million who ordered the phone within the opening 24 hours on sale? After so many blog posts rallying against the purchase of the iPhone 5, recommending such a device is going to be an impossible task."

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Software_Lover3237d ago

No thank you.

Its all personal preference either way. I've never been a big fan of the iphone, or ipods, and someone suggesting it to me is not gonna change that. But I'm not gonna knock someone who likes it.

fatstarr3237d ago

wonder what the EPA will do when there's an influx of discarded 4's and 4S's in the ocean and all over the environment.

who wants a peasant street 4S when the worlds most advanced phone is the iphone5 /s

aviator1893237d ago

No, thanks.
I think it's wise for me to renew my contract with either a Galaxy or Lumia 920.

Soldierone3237d ago

I always ask my Iphone fanboy friends what their phone does that mine doesn't, and I hand them my phone to see. Then they go "oh well this is better because of this" yeah is it worth spending 300 dollars? no.

Baka-akaB3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Android fanboys arent usually any better .

Take the galaxy S3 , for all its hype wtf does it does that is actually interesting and worth ditching a S2 over ? Easily as much (or rather less ) than going from an iphone 4s to 5 .

Tabs ? Now they are milking their popular stuff , going full on 7" pouces because of the success of the kindle and nexus , yet propose nothing of concrete value so far .

The screen isnt even better , you get some additional power , and in the case of the galaxy tab 10.2 a stylus .

Both sides clearly exagerate in their goal of bashing the other .

Soldierone3236d ago

I don't, and personally don't go out of my way to do it. Like I said I simply hand my phone to them and ask whats different?

I won't say no one does it from the android side, but in my personal experience its 90 percent of the time Apple fanboys talking about how great their iphones are and how androids suck. And Android fanboys come up and fight back.

It's just an Apple thing. I couldn't go a single day in my film class at my old college without people crying about how PC computers suck so bad.....Someone pulls out a PC laptop, oh PC sucks. They need to use a networked PC computer for a presentation, oh it sucks because they don't know how to open powerpoint....Iphone users are no different, its like they feel entitled to bash others because they buy an iphone, and it builds up everytime a new one comes out.

I don't go around telling everyone how great my phone is, they just start asking since it has a controller on it.

Baka-akaB3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Not aiming at you , even if reflecting back , it might sounds like it .

Still i disagree , in the past yeah you'd have lots of obnoxious (and opportunistic) last minute apple fans . But now i see a growing trend of anti-apple pro android fanboys , that sprout crap all day long while rushing to buy every isignificant upgrades to their phones . Especially samsung fanboys , further fuelled by the crap between the two companies .

They are pretty much behaving the same , and can't even notice it , cracking jokes about the iphone 5 while overjoyed over a similarly un-revolutionnary S3 sporting even less changes , except one advantage , no need to rebuy accessories.

Kevzin3236d ago

I'm not a fanboy I don't get a new iPhone every year but I like mine and if u like yours then great!
Like @Software_Lover says "Its all personal preference either way"