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Not Everyone is Bothered by Apple Maps [VIDEO]

Mashable, Justin Wilson is “not at all” concerned about Apple Maps. The avowed iPhone fan has owned numerous iPhones in the past and nothing was going to stop him from getting an iPhone 5, not even the transit-lacking iOS 6 Apple Maps program.

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KingPin3235d ago

lol @ apple fans. paying full price for something that doesn't even work properly and saying its ok. if android had this problem, Apple fanboys will be singing iphone praises from the rooftops

fatstarr3235d ago

I just accepted the fact that a sheeps gonna sheep.

the easiest fanbase fooled out of their money 12+ years in a row.

KingPin3234d ago

wait till next year when the iphone 5S gets released.

it will then be 13+ years in a row.

iamnsuperman3235d ago

This guy seems like he has no idea why he bought the new phone

kingPoS3235d ago

Go fourth lemmings! Apple demands it!

fatstarr3235d ago

and this technology illiterate beats wearing fool -_-

casual consumer is apparent. didn't even do a full charge cycle.

-_- My face when I see people like this everyday walking around my neighborhood