iPhone 5 Jailbroken Already

Geeks have Landed: The iPhone 5 hasn't even been out a day, but it's already been Jailbroken.

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MEsoJD3238d ago

Nice! I love the jailbreak community. Have a beautiful phone and all the customization you can ask for.

gaffyh3238d ago

Hopefully someone can hack YouTube back into it.... Because the store app sucks, and there aren't any good ones for iPad

Gondee3238d ago

Youtube themselves has put out an app.

This shouldn't be to much of a surprise. They did say they hard software holes saved up so that exploiting IOS6 would be easier than 5.

HK63238d ago

A true testament to the quality and effectiveness of Apple's non-existant security measures.

kingPoS3238d ago

Heh... If could get it to work right, I'd replace the entire OS with Android.

fatstarr3238d ago

then you would have the Chinese bee phone.