AMD Radeon HD 8870 and HD 8850 Specifiation Leaked Well, maybe this is not a leak, but prediction. Hard to say, it’s quite good source though — they leaked Tahiti specs few months before launch. AMD Radeon HD 8000 series are believed to feature Sea Islands GPUs. This updated Graphics Core Next architecture would still be made with 28nm process. It’s worth saying that HD 8870 and 8850 would not be the fastest Sea Islands GPUs in the pack. The one that we are going to describe should be compared to Pitcairn, which has 2.8 billion transistors. The GPU that is powering Radeon HD 8870 and HD 8850 is called Oland and it would feature 3.4 billion transistors. Die size of this Oland processing unit is estimated at 270-280mm2.

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justinbkerr3228d ago

Worth holding off my upgrade for a few more months.

newsguy3228d ago

when is AMD going to release a dual GPU card already???

dirthurts3228d ago

Why would anyone want a dual GPU?
More heat, more power drain, less efficient, more expensive.
Nothing out there requires the horsepower anyway.

Agent_hitman3228d ago

Uh we need avatar-like photorealistic visual using this dual core GPU??.

dirthurts3228d ago

Even with 200 of these GPUs, you won't get avatar like graphics.
The computer that produced Avatar,
"Thirty four racks comprise the computing core, made of 32 machines each with 40,000 processors and 104 terabytes of memory."


frjoethesecond3227d ago

Dual GPU cards are handy for people with small cases. Plus the GTX 690 at least is quieter, cooler, uses less power and is almost as fast as two 680s.

dirthurts3227d ago

Even then, you typically get a smoother experience, even if you're running a lower frame rate, with a single card. A single card always works better than one, and it's smaller for those small cases.
Dual GPU simply induces bragging rights (to those who are convinced) and headaches.
I've been building computers for 13 years now, and I've never been happy with dual gpu.

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hiredhelp3228d ago

Yeh im waiting for the x2 or dual gpu version, thoe im lovin my 7970 non ghz version i am awaiting the twin gpu version.
However if this is true source then well done AMD.

Straightupbeastly3227d ago

Can this machine run Mario and sonic at the Olympics in 420p?

chukamachine3227d ago


That's for producing a movie, with exactly the action they require, and building a huge world.

You would not need those specs for a game to get close.

As for open worlds, Crysis was 2007. Graphics have improved in many area's.

DX11 is really in it's infancy.

But i think 2014-15 will be interesting.

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