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5 hot alternatives to iPhone 5

Yahoo: After many months of rumors, speculation and leaked info, the most anticipated device of 2012 is finally here.

On one hand, Apple's iPhone 5 (from $199 on 2-year plan) doesn't mess what made its predecessors so sought after — it's still a sleek, all-touch device with an intuitive interface, countless apps and smooth synchronization with services like iTunes and iCloud — but along with a redesigned body and larger screen, Apple has bumped up the specs just enough to get fan boys (and girls) drooling. Click here if you haven't read what iPhone 5 offers, out Sept. 21.

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-Mezzo-3238d ago

Galaxy S III seems to be the only really competition.

And what happened to HTC?, they were on the constant rise with releasing Awesome phone right & left, but they have been extremely silent in the past couple of months.

NewMonday3237d ago

anticipating the Xperia T

great screen AND camera (not just pixel count this time).

great design

it also benchmarks better than the S3

fatstarr3238d ago

the xperia ion seems cool, but its sony *shivers*

Nokia Lumina 920 is gonna be a problem for apple once Microsoft unleashes its massive industry metro strategy.

I want one for some reason.

360ICE3237d ago

Err.... You shiver by Sony, but not by Nokia is. What universe is this?

Anyway, Xperia T ought to make this list. It's the most powerful phone soon to be on the market, at least benchmark tests suggest so. And its awesome. And James Bond uses it.

Apart from that then of course SIII is pretty damn neat.

fatstarr3237d ago

I had some bad experiences with some ericson phones back in the days and One of my friends had some god awful android phone from sony from the 2.2 days. ill look into the Xperia T though sounds big.

NewMonday3237d ago

the Xperia arc was great, made me buy my first Android.

but Sony lost the plot with the first lineup of phones after going solo with over designed smartphones with late software . made me switch to a G.Note

but the new Xperia T,U and J look like a step back to form

HalfNerdHalfAmazing3237d ago

I'm not that impress with iPhone 5 android will eventually make a better phone

chukamachine3237d ago

There's already a better phone, it's called the samsung s2.

The S3 just pisses all over the iphone5.

But brainwashed people can't really see it.

mcstorm3237d ago

A good selection of phones but the lumia 920 is at the top of the list for me imo its the best looking phone anyone has shown at the moment. The specs are high enough as wp8 dose not need lots lf power and it also looks different to everything else on the market.

seanpitt233237d ago

I think Xperia s is better than this