Office 2013 packages start at $139.99 or $99.99 per year for a subscription version

The Verge-"Microsoft is revealing the final pricing structure for its Office 2013 packages today. After introducing a preview of Office 2013 in July, Microsoft is planning to offer a subscription version of Office 2013, under the Office 365 Home Premium branding, for $8.33 per month ($99.99 per year). The subscription package will include all of the typical Office applications — including Outlook — but with the ability to use the software on five PCs or Macs. Microsoft is also bundling in 60 minutes of Skype world calling per month and an Office on demand feature that lets you stream the apps to Windows 7 or Windows 8 PCs. One additional benefit to the subscription version is the promise of regular updates and new features — Microsoft tells us "new capabilities will be added multiple times per year."

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Mark4843916d ago

I think the cost for microsoft office is too high .. for such few extra feature ......

Software_Lover3916d ago

Subscription? WTF Microsoft. No 2013 office for me. I dont see how business will need to upgrade, or justify upgrading, either.

Crazay3916d ago

I see subscription services becoming more the norm going forward. Adobe is doing it and from my understanding it's doing very well and helping small upstart companies get off the ground for a low monthly fee as opposed to a a larger out lay of cash.

My Sister in law for example was recently laid off so she decided to start her own graphic design business. Adobe is very expensive to buy out right so she got herself the subscription and has access to ALL the applications in the Adobe suite. Pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

evil_element3916d ago

@Crazay Not quiet unfortunately. Adobe still requires you to pay $2000-$5000 for the software and then the subscription covers little extras to go along with the suite.

Office looks like a bit of a joke. Pay $80+ a year for the suite. What happens after 2 years? Do you still pay for it or do you own it out right.

What happens when you no longer need word, excel, powerpoint e.t.c but need outlook?

Crazay3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )


Where do you see that? I've looked at their site many times and considered getting their creative cloud package for the video editing packages. The only one that seems to have a caveat is the smallest package which requires you to have a valid serial number from at least CS3.

I don't dispute that the MS pricing structure is screwed. It always is with M$ products but they're on the right track in my opinion.

evil_element3915d ago

@Crazay My apologies, your are right about the Adobe subscriptions. But I still have some deep suspicions that there a lot more to this. Checking it out when it came out, it was more an extension to the whole creative packages.

'install any of the CS6 apps' sounds a bit misleading though in their advert for it.

dboyman3916d ago

And this is why I use Libreoffice....

ChrisW3915d ago

Aside from hating the menu interface that the new Office has, this is just another reason to stick with the XP version for me.

Qrphe3915d ago

>implying regular Internet users won't just pirate it anyway.

It sucks for those businesses that license it (I'm sure most will stay in 2003/2007 though).

mcstorm3915d ago

I was talking about the prices in work today as i work for a IT compamy and after looking at it the price for business is really good. Sbs 2013 no longer has exchange so you need a hosted service anyway. If you look at getting a new sbs server it gives the customer more for there money as they are getting av anti spam extra online storage and less usage of there server hardware and if you work out how much a month per user it is the cost is really not that much and it puts all users on the same version of office so you dont have versions that dont work with each other and if you use any software like mail manager it is always supported as we have clients using office 2003 and it nonlonger supports this version of outlook.

If you have a standard server then you can still get exchange ect for it but id you work out the month cost for a sbs user it is worth the money.

sjaakiejj3915d ago

lol subscribing to use Word and Excel... Dream on Microsoft.

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