Google takes on Instagram and Facebook by acquiring top iOS photo app Snapseed

The Verge: Google has agreed to acquire Nik Software, the German developer of photography app Snapseed, for an undisclosed amount. Sources close to the deal tell The Verge that while Nik Software produces all sorts of apps for photographers like Color Efex Pro and Dfine for Mac and Windows, iOS app Snapseed was the golden egg in the acquisition.

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fatstarr3240d ago

instagram has become a giant in its respective social field category.

if Google attacks now it will be a lonely network with barely any users
and if they wait it will become irrelevant like myspace

bad move in my opinion

adorie3240d ago

I really don't see the hype about Instagram. I've known about the thing before celebrities were using it and before everyone thought it was cool to use. I have never seen why it was cool to use.

faizanshakyboy3239d ago

i think pinterest is better than instagram and snapseed