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Why Android has a reason to be paranoid

ZDNet-"August and September have been pretty challenging months for Android; there are now two new range-topping handsets in the market that weren't there just a few weeks ago — the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920."

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Aussiegamer3841d ago

"Why Android has a reason to be paranoid" lolz

Except the fact the andriod has 83% of the world market share. I think its doing fine.

Its good to see nokia is finally bringing out a handset that is loaded with features and a good os. But lets be honest knowone is switching to ios from andriod, people who are already on ios will be the ones purchasing the iphone 5.

Andriod has some awesome handsets coming out, from samsung the note 2, LG is bringing out their latest thing. And all the big players in China are running Andriod.

Mark4843841d ago

yes you are right my dear but do you not hear that apple booked 1 M iPhone 5 in 1 day ... so its a good reason to say about android paranoid....

KingPin3841d ago

if apple was selling 1 million phones a day, that would be something to have android paranoid. but this is just day one launch day sales. people after who were on the hype train buying one. most probably its previous iphone users doing an upgrade. its not like its all 100% new customers who were on android now switching to iOS.

Moentjers3841d ago

You should see the list by version. Thing is that little devices can upgrade to the latest version or aren't even able to run a recent version.

Less than 25% of Android devices are running on a version younger than 2 years.