Millions of People Will Buy the Apple iPhone 5 for No Apparent Reason

huffingtonpost : If anyone but Apple released a major new product whose most unique selling point was a new accessory plug, consumers would jump ship faster than rats on the Titanic.

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thebudgetgamer3245d ago

I know this is a crazy thought, but could it be that people are happy with the experience they have had using previous iPhones?

blumatt3245d ago

+1 again. LoL

I like my 4s and what Apple does with unifying its experience across its products.
I can use my iPhone as a remote for my MacBook Pro or an Apple TV. All my content works seamlessly across everything. I know if I buy something from iTunes there will be no compatibility problems. It's just a much simpler, streamlined experience.

mcstorm3244d ago

I agree with you all the main selli g point of the iphone was it was simple. Anyone could use it and it just worked. When the iphone came out there were only 2 other smartphones out there blackberry who were all about business and windows mobile again they were all about business. In terms of what all 3 offered windows mobile was way ahead of blackberry and apple but they were not simple to use and until the htc hd2 came out the hardware was not good enough for the software so it lagged and had issues. The other issue was there was no easy way to get apps for the phone as there was no store but the iphone brought this out of the box.

But imo both android and now Windows Phone 8 are the better os's to be running but android is still too complex for the normal smart phone user and Windows Phone is not really known about or even pushed by anyone. This may change now that nokia are on board as even the normal phone users know who nokia is and more than likely came from a nokia phone to the iphone.

But the big job for everyone else now is to get people to notice them and see how easy and how much better there phone is over the latest ios device.

The other thing is people dont like change as it confuses them and if something is working well for them why try something else.

I do see apple and the iphone losing a big chunk of its market over the next few years but i think android ios and windows phone will be very close to each other across phone and tablet market share over the next 10 years.

AgentWhite3245d ago

Rightly said , apple users are loyal to apple as they have maintained the quality to satisfy each of them , moreover the hype they create at the time of launch - makes million of people attracted to their product .

fatstarr3245d ago

from all of my friends I can say some actually are listening to me.

of 20 that I saw today
5 were going to stand in line for a day 1
and 15 were like iffy about it or content
they see its nothing new.

ios6 is providing anything new if anything.

meanwhile they see my nexus 7 and they put down their ipads in amazement.

sjaakiejj3245d ago

Then my question to them would be - why not keep using the previous iPhone?

krazykombatant3245d ago

true, but what about the idiots who buy it after having the new iphone from last year???

caseh3244d ago

That's what gets me. It's understandable if the person buying the phone is shifting from an ancient iPhone or if its their first iPhone as they will see the clear benefits from the iPhone 5.

It's the people who own a 4S and will be queueing to get the iPhone 5. Offers very little over what they already own so why the f*ck are they buying it exactly?

extermin8or3245d ago

yeah but this one will cost more and has incremental updates to the last, I think that's the point they are putting across

tuanmatized3245d ago

There are two types of consumers:

Consumers who are comfortable with the status quo


Consumers who have higher expectations

Lucretia3245d ago

no, its a stupid reason, unless its a free upgrade.

the phone does absolutely nothing better. its just a tiny bit bigger

eferreira3244d ago

I have an iphone 4 and will eventually upgrade to the 5. I usually jump every 2 iterations. I don't want to switch phones and lose all my apps, games etc...
I've never had a problem with this phone since I had the 3g and that's why I continue to buy their products.

GuyThatPlaysGames3244d ago

I agree. If you enjoy something very much then obviously you will buy the models that follow from that point. I'm tired of hearing all the "iPhone hate". But you made a great point there.

mt3244d ago

I have Iphone4 not crazy fan, but if my iphone exploded for some reasons or disappear, or evaporated. I'll buy Iphone5 just because apple customers service and the warranty is the best out there.

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tachy0n3245d ago

and people say the economy is doing bad.

extermin8or3245d ago

lol yeah because everyones giving ludicrous amounts of cast to apple :p and then walking around on a phone instead of dealing with their lives ;)

rezzah3245d ago

People with money issues will simply buy the latest phone to provide for their self image. My aunt works with these kind of people (Money management) and she has told me about some of them who do this.

rockbottom30763244d ago

actually I sign of a bad economy is when people buy little things for a couple of hundred dollars as opposed to bigger purchases that people could make. IE A person who would purchase 5000 dollar tv and an iphone might not see a reason to upgrade due to the economy so they spend some of the money on smaller things like phones, radios, speakers etc.

AgentWhite3245d ago

Samsung will definitely hate this trend .

Chucky20033245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Because they know how to promote their shit,the guy who wrote it doesn't understand that,the key to how they sell is in this ,Phil Schiller said"to come to what we think is the optimal size to give you more screen, but something that is super comfortable, easy to use and is thin and light and fits in your pocket.",this is the money message,its what they believe is right for a person,doing so is making their customers believe in their ideas,they believe that what Apple does is exactly what is needed,its a lot to explain and not having time to do it,while for Samsung when they promote their mobiles it sounds like this,we made YOU this mobile,its made for YOU, and you can do this and that,its a difference,its doesn't make me buy it cause it has all those things

auen13245d ago

they've got reasons all right, they're just very illogical and inane.

1) it's a new apple product, which means it's a must have.

2) if they don't get it, their friends and people they don't even know will think they're not cool.

3) it has new features that will never be used or noticed.

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