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Google Blocks Bizarre Anti-Islam Film Trailer On YouTube In Egypt and Libya

Forbes : After a protest at the American embassy in Egypt and the killing of four Americans, including ambassador Christopher Stevens, at the embassy in Libya .

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karim3241d ago

Saw the trailer, awful acting but I have to sympathize with the actors who were duped by the producers, some scenes were clearly dubbed.

Software_Lover3241d ago

Im not gonna look at it anyway, but the violence is still uncalled for.

Killing innocent people, who probably never even heard of the movie is a great way to get back at the movie producer. /sarcasm

If only christians, buddhist, hindus, and every other religious group acted this way when they are insulted, peace would overtake us all.

iamnsuperman3241d ago

I think it has something to do with how young Islam is. You would get protests from other religions but Islam is quite young and the countries Islam is dominant have developed through violence and turmoil so I can see why there is violence. I agree it shouldn't happen

evil_element3241d ago

@iamnsuperman Islam isn't a young religion. It dates back to the same time as Christianity but has a different view of things. Like the 99% of other religions out there.

'Islam is dominant have developed through violence and turmoil' religions have for Milena's been fought in violence. No one religion has a nice clean slate. Christianity slaughter millions of women for being women.

iamnsuperman3241d ago

@ evil_element. Islam was really born around 610AD with the prophet Mohamed. Christianity was on of shoot of Judaism which have been around much longer so relatively new.

On the quote you have quoted me on you missed the most vital point. Countries. Please quote me probably because it is the countries not the religion that can have an effect on what we are seeing.

evil_element3241d ago

I don't understand America sometimes. They spend billions helping nations break free in their minds from governments and dictators. Then actively let material that offends that nations culture and wonder why their is violence.

Short of helping someone up and then telling them their ugly. Then wondering why they were told to f off.

sjaakiejj3240d ago

So you're voting for online censorship and getting rid of the first amendment just so that some idiot in the middle east won't get offended?

We make fun of Jesus all the time, in the form of video, imagery and speech, so if this video is the cause of the violence, why don't we get similar protests from the christians? It's because this video is not a reason, it's an excuse for violence that would occur regardless.

evil_element3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Shame we can't all live in peace any how.

SnakeCQC3240d ago

the issues are alot more complicated than protrayed in most media all these places were peaceful before 2 years ago they may have been controlled by dictators(most of which pout there by america) but there was peace but the neo cons in america called for sudden regime change etc and now theres an even deeper american presence in the middle east arming one side in libya while accusing russia for arming the other. The people of these countries are just fed up and the movie was the short term cause for the civil unrest and protest etc but there have been many long term problems that the people are very unhappy with.