Top 3 features that the iPhone 5 learned from Android

Tech Analyzer:

"I won’t go as far to say that the iPhone 5 stole features from Android, but the iPhone 5 did take a few hints from the Android platform and here goes the top 3 features that the iPhone 5 learned from Android."

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KingPin3239d ago

lol at the console graphics.

Qaud-core FTW!!

TechAnalyzer3239d ago

Yeah, I hate how Apple forgets that they are not the only smartphone on the market.

chaos-lockheart3238d ago

cough**cough**** copyyy*** cough***

evil_element3238d ago

This is just pointless. -_-

eferreira3238d ago

grasping at straws to hate on apple here. 4 inch screen and console like gaming? hahahahah