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Apple's iPhone arrogance could cost it in the long term

TechRadar - Apple has once again executed its perfect strategy: an underwhelming phone that will still sell in record numbers. But is it failing its fans?

The immediate response to the iPhone 5 has been one we've seen time and again: is that it? Scream the naysayers, only to see it sell in record numbers.

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-Mezzo-3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

What they need to do is, stop the annual iPhone Releases. If there was no iPhone 4S in-between, this would have been a great upgrade from iPhone 4.

KingPin3846d ago

Apple needs to take their head out their asses.

Apple director: "Johnson, that feature is super awesome. wish we thought of it first. we could have added it in our latest phone but we don't have a patent for that"

Apple PR: "if its not in our phone, you dont need it!! Capiche!!"

evil_element3845d ago

Really, does it matter they updated the power and data connector. When serial and parallel ports were dropped did everyone jump onto the internet to vent their frustration.

Let me think no.

fatstarr3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Just looks like apple wanted to make an android phone
from the new mini connector
to the features in ios6
to the " im trying to be the galaxy s3 screen size"
in b4 apple invented LTE
also spotted copying off of nokia and samsungs older designs with new products thinking no one will notice.

The shit is hitting the fan and the dumb apple fanboys are finally smartening up, once the real suckers aka the gullible mainstream casual do nothing, students and neets realize that apple has been feeding them lies all this time. it will be time.

this is for the
idiots that caught a virus on windows because of their own stupidity and converted to OSX
the idiots that claim apple is a virus free environment
the people that buy macs to DJ but they aren't DJ's
the People that buy macs to do art stuff but they aren't artists
the People that buy iPhone because its an I phone
the people who buy music on iTunes because apple says so.
the teacher that made a macbook the requirement for a class for no real reason
the fools at the apple store

this comment is for you.
2 more rounds and its over.

Soldierone3845d ago

Honestly when I first saw pictures (ads) of it i thought "windows phone and Zune HD's" thanks to the colors. Plus MS was doing the whole color thing with their tablet announcement as well.

Now speaking of Nokia and similar Android devices its like wth? Didn't they just sue Samsung for "looking too much like them"?