6 iOS6 features Android already has - Oh cool, the iPhone 5 has a 4" screen that allows for an extra iOS icon vertically. Users have been able to do that on my 4.3" Android phone for years.

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thebudgetgamer3246d ago

How many people use his phone?

evil_element3246d ago

Its an amazing thing that people have the power of their own free thought to where I should invest my own money.

ITS CALLED 'CONSUMER CHOICE' - its an amazing concept.

upallnightgamer3246d ago

Wow, that guy was a douche, wasn't he?

caseh3246d ago

Hardly, all you hear about Apple (especially iPhone and iOS) is about how much better it is than the competition. Admittedly he could have made it less of an attack on Apple but it still makes valid points.

What the majority of iPhone users don't know is the amazing features that get added in each iteration of the iOS are more often than not already a part the Android OS, and have been for a LONG, LONG time.

My personal favourite is the notification bar that was added in iOS5. Shows a few words from incoming texts/email so you get an idea of whats been received without needing to open it. Innovation? Yeap, welcome to the 21st century chaps. :)

Speed-Racer3246d ago

I think it could have been presented a much more mature fashion though. I agree that iOS 6 is ONLY now introducing a number of features which Android had for ages, but the mannerism which he did it was just as low as some of the Apple fanboys out there.

MEsoJD3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I had features that weren't on android through the jailbreak/cydia community on my iphone. Many forget that you can have a sleek looking phone with all the customization you can basically ask for from a robust community.

To be fair, android also has it's own form of jailbreak, but it seems people act like this stuff doesn't exist.

fatstarr3246d ago

I actually loved it.
it had a sense of humor
with a dash of wit.

Android users being condescending for once.

chazjamie3245d ago

there was no wit. let sum it up for you. look a map. android this. next. look a 4g. android has that. its really pointless.

KingPin3246d ago

not really childish. its factual.

its basically an android user talking in the tone of an Apple user.

good points which are true.

but watch iPhone5 users talk about how awesome their phone is and how Apple is continually revolutionizing the industry.

Vaud-Villian3246d ago

How does his android phone have iOS icons?

fatstarr3246d ago

the android home screens are filled with icons o.o.

caseh3246d ago


Or widgets :) Maybe Apple users will get widgets in iOS 8 or something and the community will rejoice at their genius and innovation only to be told on forums like this that they have been available on Android for years.

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