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thebudgetgamer3236d ago

Who wants to watch stuff on that tiny screen, my phone has a pretty big screen and it can be a pain to watch.

fatstarr3236d ago

those are ugly to the next level.

and they look like copies of Zunes and Certain Nokia Windows phones.

Apple is reinventing the wheel. to push out a different version of the same product. the accessories will burn off the shelves now. and if you had the old version I give it a year b4 you are able to find it in stores.

evil_element3236d ago

No!! the world has become evil with hatred for people who like Apple.

Is this the part where Apple users get rounded up and put into concentration camps run by Google. Made to abandon a simple life and forced into studying for a Phd in Computer Science in using a Android phone.

If this battle continues this will destroy the smartphone market.

Same as the 360 vs PS3 destroyed the fun in gaming.

fatstarr3235d ago

* ps3 and 360 destroyed gaming by rehashing tons of sequels and soulless games

evil_element3235d ago

By turning gamers against each other. Splitting m8's over which console was the best.

Its why I hate consoles ^^

Console philosophy is 'the next game will be great, the next game will be great, the next game will be great, the next game will be great....' what about the games that are already released?