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Anarki3245d ago

How innovative of you, Apple.... I'm sure this will be praised as the next coming of Jesus and will "revolutionize" everything.

chazjamie3244d ago

am i the only one disappointed with this

d0nT wOrrY3244d ago

No you're not, fuck you Apple. How innovative of you, it's like the COD of phone industry.

NewMonday3244d ago

This confirms my money will go to ..

.. Xperia T

R6ex3244d ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 > Apple iPhone 5

gaffyh3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

More than anything, this conference revealed to me how much of a douche Tim Cook actually is.

Also, this is such a minor update for the hardware. The only discernible difference is the size of the screen.

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Crazay3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

YOu can have 1 WHOLE EXTRA row of apps, a thinner camera and this really cool new connector called...wait for it.."Lightning". PC terms..USB3.

Now they're talking about watching a movie on itunes and stopping it only to pick up where you left off on another device...Well MS announced that with the new Xbox features coming later this year. Yet another innovation that we can all thank Apple for.

The innovation is so incredible I can barely contain myself...Hey look at that a squirrel.

adorie3245d ago

Sorry, Apple has a patent on the name Squirrel.Oops. We're both toast now!

Crazay3245d ago

HAHAHA - Nicely played Adorie.

Seriously though, This phone is nothing more than a slightly augmented iPhone 4. Siri has a mildly expanded vocabulary that integrates with some sites directly, Panoramic photos, LTE and a moderately larger screen. Still, somehow this piece of fluffware is going to sell like hotcakes. I don't get all the love.

Sarcasm3244d ago

How about that Nokia Lumia they just announced? Oops I'm sorry, I meant new iPod.

LackTrue4K3244d ago

lol.......Apple is so full of it, its copying its self (not adding much to there new phones) and calling out others for copying them...

"I'm surprised it has not gone to court to sue its self in the ass"

Thatguy-3103244d ago

Samsung galaxy note 2 is goings to devour this !!!! I find it funny how they made the change of a charging dock so exciting !!!! Was seeing this guy who was a commentary and he was going nuts.!!! Fanboys are so funny.

R6ex3244d ago


The Note 2 is the ultimate phone.

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Chitown712913244d ago

Damn wtf do you all want from a phone? This shit could cure cancer and you all would be like " Is that it? " Its a phone. Theyre marketing it. What would you say if you were in their position? "Its a little better than the last phone"..........Every critic is basically already calling the iPhone the perfect phone. If thats all Apple is hearing what more can they do? What do you want them to add, a time machine? You guys just bitch and complain about absolutely nothing 24/7

LeShin3244d ago

"What do you want them to add?" about:

Camera that can take great low light photos
A Camera button
Wireless charging
A touch screen so sensitive I don't have to take off my gloves when it's cold to use it
A totally free music streaming service
OS integrated augmented reality mapping functions
Indoor mapping

If only there was a phone with all these features...

evil_element3244d ago

Apple never been about the most expensive or cutting edge tech in their products.

Dont think there will ever be a phone that is perfect.

3244d ago
thebudgetgamer3244d ago

Apple could create a phone that cures cancer and the fine follks will still trash it. It's the law of the west.

chcolatesnw3244d ago

I agree with Chitown. There is a limit that handhelds put on innovation. Sure, they could have included NFC, but again, it doesn't solve any problem that it needs solving. and from what im seeing, 920's wireless chargin still requires it to be on that pillow; there are similar devices out that that are for BB's and iP's too. As for camera, they said they improved low light but no one knows yet by how much. The question is, how much of a camera can you expect for 199$? You expect it comparable to a 2000$ Nikon?? Touch screen is not not-very-sensitive-that-you-ca n't-use-gloves-with as you put it, it actually detects the difference between skin and synthetic material. In fact, there are gloves out there in the accessory department that allow you to use any recent smartphone without taking them off. Free music service - radio. Augmented map - google glasses. indoor mapping - do you even listen to yourself? do you know how much trouble they'd have to go through not only to shoot video of every major building in cities, but to legally do that?
Sounds to me like you hate apple because its the cool thing to do this day and age, just because you're listening and copying others haters off the internet or because for some reason you can't get one. And tell me how exactly has GS3 evolved from GS1? and don't say bigger screen is innovative, nor is NFC because it's a branch off of the bluetooth/wireless tree.

evil_element3244d ago

I think people have past the reasonable expectation on what can be produced.

I would love a phone that is:

Faster than 5Ghz Intel i7 CPU
Onboard GPU Faster than Nvidia 580 Overclocked with liquid nitrogen cooling.
Battery with 1,000,000 stand by time.
Hard drive with 1 ET
Has 100GB Wifi and Cellular connection
Has 3D graphics
Be super thin and weigh less than 2 AA batteries.

Lets be truthful this tech is futuristic. But people think the technology exists but they are being denied this power.

When really it doesn't exist. People want to own something they can shove in other folks faces to show how wise and brilliant they are.

When most people need to a phone to carry out an operation start to finish. i.e. Read email, make phone call, read news e.t.c

It is the nature of PC / Android to pack as much tech under the hood and brage about it.

How many people use all the tech features in their Android phone 24/7?

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Jonoc333244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Camera that can take great low light photos - They have that
A Camera button - the volume button doubles as a camera button
Wireless charging - who gives a shit about wireless charging? how hard is it to plug a cord in you lazy arse
NFC - would be nice
A touch screen so sensitive I don't have to take off my gloves when it's cold to use it - i don't think thats possible, but there are gloves on the market that can do that.
OS integrated augmented reality mapping functions - wut?
Indoor mapping - fuck me what happened to good old asking someone/using your eyes?

get real.

abc12333244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

"A touch screen so sensitive I don't have to take off my gloves when it's cold to use it - i don't think thats possible, but there are gloves on the market that can do that"

Nokia has seemingly achieved the impossible then

LeShin3244d ago

lol are you being actually being serious?! Okay let's break this down for you so you can put your obvious fanboy glasses down for a sec:

There are phones with BOTH a volume button and camera button, no excuse

Wireless charging, Virgin Atlantic and Coffee bean (heard that Starbucks are getting it too eventually among others) will have wireless charging pads in their places of business, so if I'm waiting in a lounge or having a cup of coffee, I can place my phone on the table and charge it...your equivalent would be to bring my wires along with me and look for a plug in a shop lol

Touch screen so sensitive you can now use gloves: Yes, it is possible. Go watch the Nokia 920 presentation and come back to me. Also, the point is not having to buy a special pair of gloves to do this

OS integrated augmented reality mapping functions: if you don't know what this is, type 'Augmented Reality' in the app store..or ask an Android user :-)

Indoor mapping: now you're just being facetious! If that's the case, why not take out the GPS and all maps from the iPhone since we can all ask someone directions and use our eyes lol!!!

Technology moves on, Apple (and yourself) need to accept that. Go watch the Nokia Lumia presentation to see what I'm on about...while you're there, check out the 'cinegraph' bit where it shows you how you can take a photo when other people walk in the frame and erase them like they were not even there...

I swear, when Apple announces this features in their Iphone next year, I better hear you say the same things you just said now! I'm going to try and remember this for that time :-)

Crazay3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

How about they add things that do stuff?

I dunno. Get creative. Is that not what they did with the iphone/pad in the first place? Take the technologies and get a little more creative with their execution?

Make people care about what's going in there. Add a projector, add a holographic keyboard(they exist and they mostly work)...I don't know. For a company that's touted as a great innovator, their last 3 iterations of the "greatest thing since sliced bread" is looking and sounding awfully familiar. Even apple fans can't consider this to be anything other than a fail.

Chitown712913244d ago

Anybody else adding a projector and a holographic keyboard on their premiere phones? Please tell me one thats been successful with it. Why does Apple get all the flak when everyone else is just as guilty? I dont understand your argument.

evil_element3244d ago

@Crazay Maybe the reason why Apple missed out your suggestion for projector and holographic keyboard is the cost. Plus the fact holographic technology is primitive.

Reason why 99% of the ultra cool tech is missing is:

Costs to much to implement into a phone.
Parts are not widely available
Technology is too primitive such like your holograms.
Is there enough of a demand for such tech?
Will developers use it?

That's your answer.

KillerPwned3244d ago

I will not buy it as I will be in the market soon for a new phone. Either Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4s I will get depends on how much money I got and how much each will cost. Going to just buy one straight up and use it on Straight Talk.

Captain Qwark 93244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

i know not many will agree with me hear becuase of the bad rap windows phone has but i would highly reccomend the lumia 920. its specs are similar to the s3/i5 and wp7 has been been awesome and can only imagine windows phone 8 will be even better.

plus it comes in multiple colors, 32gb of storage, excellent camera, wireless charging, city view looks sweet, the gps on my phone works well, looked even better now. zune pass kick more ass than anything, etc. at the very least its worth a look

had my lg quantum for 2+ years now and as soon as the lumia drops, im getting it day 1.

Crazay3244d ago

I don't disagree with your stance on the Lumia. I think it looks like it could help Nokia become a major player again. The specs sound great and it looks like a sweet ass phone. Before my Nexus, the best phones I had ever owned were Nokia. They could take one hell of a beating without so much as a hiccup. I would most definitely take a look at the phone if I were in the market for a new piece of hardware.

A friend of mine who works for MS has used the new Lumia and fell in love with it. I'd like to know what you think when you have one.

KillerPwned3244d ago

I heard about the Lumia 920 I do not know much honestly thank you for the comment. I will look into it. I am completely open to any other phone the others I talked about were what I just had in mind.

mcstorm3244d ago

You should also look at the lumia 920 or the htc one x as the lumia imo will be the best phone on the market but because of the one x not selling too well you should be able to pick it up at a low price and it will do more or less everything the s3 will.

I still cant belive people are still getting excited about the iphone i mean come one people are you now all scared of change as upgrading your iphone each year or 2 years is not really getting you anything new at all.

Apple have stopped pushing the tech now and are slowly becomming what ms were back in the 00s.

Kaneda3244d ago

Have you seen M$ store? look exactly like Apple... More like M$ is becoming like Apple..

Sucitta3244d ago

I'd say your dull in the mind had you bought the 4s over the s3..

ShadowKingx3244d ago

What Changed? (Sarcastic)

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