Former Apple exec: ‘Apple haven’t invented anything’

BGR - As Apple (AAPL) prepares to launch what by all accounts will be the most successful device it has ever built — and just a few weeks after the company was awarded more than $1 billion in damages when Samsung (005930) was found to have infringed on its IP — an article penned by a former Apple executive questions exactly what Apple’s role is in the consumer electronics industry. Jean-Louis Gassee, who came very close to becoming the president of Apple in the late 1980s before being ousted by CEO John Scully and Apple’s board, claims that while Apple’s success in the industry cannot be disputed, its perception as an innovator is open to discussion.

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-Mezzo-3246d ago

Good, now how long before Apple Loyalist admit this too & abandon the belief the Apple invented everything.

Crazay3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

This is what I've been saying for the longest freaking time. Still the loyalists will refuse to admit it's validity.

Mezzo and I will no doubt get "Butt hurt" comments and other garbage but if you actually sit back and think about it, the proof is in the pudding.

**Edit** screw that - I'm taking the wind from their sails. You're just all butt hurt Mezzo. APPLE RULEZ! =P

Kurylo3d3246d ago

so far im seeing nothing but agreements. Anyone surfing a technology website would normally agree i think. Its people who know nothing about technology that beleive apple invented everything. They also assume apple makes the best computers.

Why? Cause apple said so.

extermin8or3246d ago

ugh god I was in physics earlier, heard this guy in my class talking about apple like they were god or something, what's worse because he's apparently considered to be 'in the know' about technology people were lapping up what he was saying-even the teacher at one point; I'm new to this class and was left just sitting there thinking "I think anything you think you know about any of this stuff and how the tech actually works- I and anyone else that spends abit of time surfing the web likely knows about 10x what you know" really wanted to give him a slap and tell him to go check his facts according to him the new mac book pro's are like the most powerful laptops/pc's you can buy so powerful infact that apple can't make the screen bigger because they can't fit the power into the machine. lol just lol a) they are way overpriced for their specs b) I'm pretty certain if you custom built your laptop it would be more powerful if you so wished although ofc really if it were as powerful as he was making out it would be setting fire to your lap as you used it or need an industrial fan; god all but the most expensive model don't even seem to have dedicated graphics cards but intel HD 4000's integrated into the chip- if I'm paying a grand I expect to have a damn good dedicated graphics card, I can get laptops that can do alot of the stuff he was talking about like playing games better than the macbook based off that for pretty much half the price- and the retina screen is pretty and everything but lets be hinest when the screens that size and the distance you are from it shouldn't be further than about your lap to your eyes why the hell do you need a resolution that great I personally can't tell much of a difference apart from marginally sharper colours which could probably be achieved by OLED laptop screens if they fix the issue with the lighter patches of black on a dark screen. He couldn't even tell me what speed in GHZ his processors were running at or what one it had in it (i3,i5,i7 etc- I already knew from the price he said it was that it was i5 but that's irrelevant)

evil_element3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

@extermin8or Is that one sentence? Because looking for your full stops in that paragraph is bit like finding Wallie.

Wikkid6663246d ago

The problem is most Apple loyalist are clueless and don't care. They've totally been brainwashed.

evil_element3246d ago

nope, we just dont by worth shitty tech.

Crazay3246d ago

@evil element...but you "buy" crappy spell/grammar check

evil_element3246d ago

@Crazay You should apply for the Windows Office paper clip vacancy. You could go around he web correcting folk. Oww wait you do.

Crazay3246d ago

@Evil Element.

Don't tempt me, you alone would provide me with all kinds of job security.

ozzywazzy3246d ago

@ evil element, crazay

Get a room already.

ziggurcat3246d ago

the problem is actually butthurt PC/android fanboys that can't handle a company that makes well-built, well-designed products, so they s**t-talk the apple in an attempt to make it seem worse then their own s****y, poorly made products.

Vaud-Villian3245d ago

Most PC loyalists run on the assumption innovation and invention are the same thing.

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fatstarr3246d ago

its about time, the ship is about to sink.

ArmrdChaos3246d ago

You can blame it all on the patent office....which I believe is currently run by a crate full of brain damaged chimpanzees. With all the vague pieces of garbage that make it out of that office one would think they are receiving kickbacks. I am still waiting on my patent for flavored water...will make a killing on the apple fans alone.

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thebudgetgamer3246d ago

Seems like a barrel of sour grapes to me.

adorie3246d ago

or... an ocean full of truth. Truth is unbiased, can be beautiful or chaotic.

Truth does not take sides. Truth here is that Apple took existing technologies and put it all under the hood of the Iphone.

If I was lying, then why do they license patents for?
Sothey can throw the tech tied to those patents, into their phone.

Now,if I want to make a phone or gadget that has a rectangular shape which also happens to be rounded at the edges, am I seriously going to have to license a patent from Apple to do so?

ziggurcat3246d ago

hate to burst your bubble, but MS/samsung takes/uses existing technologies, too... now let's all constantly publish garbage butthurt articles, and s**t-talk MS/samsung all day long.

KMCROC543246d ago

Sometimes the Truth comes in weird packaging or in what most would consider sour grapes, like for instance in your case & view of this article.

Vaud-Villian3245d ago

Wow, way to make sour grapes into whine

caseh3246d ago

iPhone STILL doesn't allow you to use memory cards or replace the battery. I mean come on, how much more of an arse fucking do you really want on top of your £50-a-month phone contract?

"Oh but its the latest iThing thats newer than the one i've got now so its it also doesn't do ANYTHING new on top of my 4S but i'll happily tie myself into another 24 month phone contract as I lack common sense to a degree that is unparalleled by most normal people"

WarriorPoet3246d ago

They didn't innovate in technology itself, but it's availability. They took the prohibitively complex computer and made the Model T equivalent, simple enough anyone can use. If only Steve Jobs had Henry Ford's sense of solidarity for his fellow man than everyone would have an iPhone!

They're business practices are another story altogether. They're market share is inflated greatly from the ignorance of their customers, something anyone with a clue can't help but notice. They're patent trolls and they stifle innovation and progress because the greed of the American culture has no limits. They exported American jobs to import Chinese products. They are essentially a liability to the welfare of the nation, who cares how successful they are if it only makes them more greedy.

astar1234567893246d ago

bla bla bla same thing over and over again my phone is better then yours bla bla if you like the phone then use it if not shut the hell up

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