Apple iPhone 5 to Have a Fingerprint Scanner? writes: "Apple's latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5, could have an integrated fingerprint scanner. Physical designs of the hardware have been leaked much earlier than before, but no one really knows what to expect in terms of features on the new iPhone. However, Apple could be looking at putting fingerprint scanning into the phone as the company has recently made an offer on a fingerprint security firm."

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fatstarr3250d ago

2013: Breaking news apple sends copies of your finger prints to the fbi database.

If this comes to be siri policy and terms of agreement will blend right on in. then apple will own your prints.

KingPin3250d ago

so then they will have your location, your info and your prints. do they want my credit card info in iphone6? my soul in iphone7?

fatstarr3249d ago

they will take your social security number for the iphone 7.