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Apple Patent Would Disable Smartphones by Location [VIDEO]

Yahoo News, Apple has been granted a patent that would make your smartphone useless when entering an area deemed too sensitive for mobile photo and video.

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Dfooster3246d ago

And how long will it be before someone sues apple because they missed an important phone call that was a life and death situation because their phone went into sleep mode? This is a bad bad idea, if you pay for a phone and you pay for the telecom tariff then surely not being able to use this device as and when the user sees fit to do so must mean that certain laws are being broken here. The human rights law is surely one just for starters.

KingPin3246d ago

so basically apple wants to now control when and where you can take video.

see something happening that you might want to broadcast but apple thinks you shouldnt, they have the right to decide whether or not you can record or not.

im sorry, i dont need someone telling me when and where i can use my phone. i also dont need some dumb government officials telling me what games i can and cannot play.

Shadow Flare3246d ago

If it managed to turn every phone off in a cinema, I'd welcome it with open arms

shockdude3246d ago

Apple would get sued by James Holmes victims

Shadow Flare3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Emergency calls only then. I can't stand people yabbing on the phone in the cinema, or checking their phone for something. It's so rude and distracting

KingPin3245d ago

theres a thing on your phone, if you look closely, it says something along the lines of silent mode. with options to vibrate if you get any sms or phone calls. check it. tell people who annoy you in the cinema to check for it. if they select this option, the phone will not self destruct.

as for people talking in the cinema, thats not coz of the phone. thats a personality flaw on their part. clearly they are inconsiderate pricks. you should stand up and tell them that. i do. it works.

astar1234567893246d ago

good so when i go to the movies i wont hear any phone calls

Kurylo3d3246d ago

Sounds to mee like law enforcement put them up to this. They dont like doing their job while being video taped to make sure they dont over step their boundaries.

Police state here we come.. only makes sense that the dooshbags at apple would be pushing for it. They close off everything else. They want total control.

So now they can track you and now disable you from showing things to the public. Scary stuff

hazelamy3246d ago

well, that doesn't sound like something that could ever be abused. o_O

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