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How To: Back Up Your Cloud Storage with GoodSync "With so many cloud storage services available to you, you don’t ever truly need to pay for online storage. When your 2GB DropBox runs out, you can always get 5 free gigs from Amazon. When that runs out, why not open up a SkyDrive account for an additional 7GB? The only problem with this plan is that your files get spread out over different services, which can make it harder to find things, and can also increase your exposure to risk of losing access to files. If you use 3 online services, there’s three times the chance that some of your files will be inaccessible at any given time, due to service outage. In this article, we’ll show you how to mitigate both of these problems, by using GoodSync to keep an up-to-date local backup of all the files on multiple cloud storage services."

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fanze1003419d ago

just what i was looking for

Mritter983411d ago

I really like GoodSync I have been using it since they released version 9 and I love it so far. I recommend this to anyone.

CompuTom3411d ago

I'm also a big fan of GoodSync, I used Version 8 for a while but decided to purchase Version 9 once it was available because of the existing user discount and addition of "GoodSync Connect". It really is a great program, it can be a lot to take in at first because of the extensive features but they have great phone support available from 8am to 8pm eastern time.

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