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Android-powered iPhone knockoff may sue Apple in China

This is one of the craziest stories around, but also one that is relatively interesting. We all know that China's smartphone market is rife with iPhone knockoffs, and it seems like one of them, the Goophone, is already threatening Apple with litigation, should Apple try to release the iPhone 5 in China.

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Elvis4107d ago

The "Goophone" looks very similar to the supposedly leaked iPhone 5 prototype in the other article...

nachokingp4106d ago

You're kidding me, right? There are like 1 billion knock-offs in China, and they think they actually have legal ground over Apple? Apple has been a giant douche when it comes to the whole Samsung/Android thing, but seriously, this must be a joke. This "Goophone" is the most blatant knock-off I've seen of an iPhone, like ever. What the hell legal ground could they possibly think they have?

KMCROC544106d ago

Knock-offs or not it still is china so Apple may have to check their My Shit Product is better than everyone else stick at the gates.

GO Goophone sue away .

Shadow Flare4106d ago

Samsung should be sueing the goophone for looking too similar to their products

KingPin4106d ago

lmao and apple goes after samsung for making phones "look" like theirs with a rectangle shape with rounded corners. clearly they don't know a knock-off when they see one.

if any case regarding apple is in America, i can say we all know who the winner will be before the trial starts.

KMCROC544106d ago

Not if trial is set in china, you really think foreign companies are going to take Apple to court in the states & let them have a jury full of iSheep or judges that are receiving some form of kickback from Apple say like stock options . I hope Goo-phone company gets a trial set in china

adorie4106d ago

This will happen in China, if it goes into litigation, Apple will have to kick some major cash to the communist party, and even then it would probably be what they would have lost in the first place.

China is a shady place to do business if you're not Chinese AND business savvy

extermin8or4106d ago

not a fan of apple but if this is true seems ufair, thing is are they are a chinese copany-if so they mgiht have already run....

SJIND4106d ago

It would be funnier if this would be real and actually be victorious over apple:-)
Then Apple might stop suing other companies...
Lets hope for the best:-)))

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