Google Launching 3G Nexus 7 In Around Six Weeks

DeviceSeeker: Google’s Nexus 7 has been a success in all markets where it was launched, not due to its specs, but due to Google’s appeal to the customers. It’s a cheap and useful tablet, and you’re guaranteed to get software updates directly from the source. Anyway many people have complained that even though it’s a low-end tablet, it should at least come with the option of having 3G or 4G support. According to an inside source, Google is preparing to launch a 3G Nexus 7 in about six weeks.

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allan852261d ago

I really don't understand, why no 3G support and no camera? It's so expensive to have a device that has at least a 2MP camera and 3G support in 2012? Google has all this technologies available on its other devices, so my guess is that this tablet has a better perspective than you think.