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Windows 8: Why The Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Is Better Than The Apple iPad

Mobile & Apps: The Apple iPad may be the king of the tablet market, but that won't last for long when Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows 8 RT comes out later in the year. It's no secret - the iPad is not a device for everyday use. Apple can try to make it seem that way, but in reality, the iPad is for basic computing. The Microsoft Surface RT tablet is not like the Pro version with all the bells and whistles, but it can more than hold its own against what the new iPad has to offer the user."

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Moentjers3427d ago

I use my iPad for consuming media (web, pdf, movies, series...).
For other things I have a laptop and desktop.
Microsoft will (again ?) make the mistake to turn tablets in half laptops. It will be to much for a tablet, not enough for a laptop.
BTW, the maintenance of the OS will make or break Win8. Every week updates ? Please not again !

hellvaguy3426d ago

i doubt the 10 sec update download will leave any permanent scarring.

KMCROC543425d ago

know what tab am getting now.