Freakify : Video Grabber Review – A free Online Video Grabbing App

Freakify | Watching video is one of the best activities to kill time. And it is an enjoyable thing to watch online video on the portable media players, like iPhone, iPad, PS3, Galaxy S III, etc.

But if you want to enjoy streaming video on your digital device, you should download the video first and then transfer it to your portable media player. Here we have a discussion about the topic – how to grab online videos from various sites free.

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mrahmadawais3250d ago

It really works great :)
Try it out.

fatstarr3250d ago

I usually just rip it straight from the code but this does all the hard work for you.

hopefully it works well for me
and doesn't disappear or loose features with in the next 3 months

mrahmadawais3250d ago

Well, can't say much about that.

Baroness3245d ago

Totally need this. This is a great app to have!