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Apple vs. Samsung: How Much Copying Is Too Much?

Mashable: Everyone knows the story of the Wright brothers and their historic flight in December 1903. What you may not know is that the Orville and Wilbur Wright submitted a patent for their invention months earlier, which was eventually granted in 1906. Then the airplane patent wars began.

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Community2252d ago
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Moentjers2252d ago

Look at the telephones the other companies had before the iPhone arrived...

LOL_WUT2252d ago

Samsung wouldn't be where they are now if Apple hadn't come up with the iPhone.

iamnsuperman2252d ago

Probably not but this doesn't mean apple have a case. I admit I am not expert in this case but to me it seems that apple's case is flimsy and just plain stupid. How can someone patient a square object. Also about the similar icons. I agree have square icons with a similar picture is a bit too much copying but the actual picture is more common pace than copying. My Siemens house phone has a green phone icon for picking up the phone.

What Apple did is bring a luxury phones to the mainstream. The were not the first to bring this type of phone to the market but they were the ones who made it popular.

Speed-Racer2252d ago

Apple wouldn't be where it is now if they hadn't copies Microsoft's idea. I'M JUST SAYING.

mcstorm2251d ago

I was just about to put the same thing. but we can go all the way back to the 1st mobile if we wanted too.

This between Samsung and apple is getting out of hand but then again its not just these two that are at it lots of companies are trying to sue each other over stupid things. Apple went after HTC a few years ago and they won because they have been making smart phones sine 2000 and it went there way.

Some one needs to look at what's going on and put a stop to all of this because as far as I was aware I am aloud to buy what I want and having more choice is better than only having one choice. It is also what keeps each company pushing the other because everyone takes things for everyone else.

IOS has now started taking ideas from both Windows Phone 7 and Android and im sure the others will so the same too as well as put ideas of there own in there.

thebudgetgamer2251d ago

Didn't Microsoft and Apple steal from IBM?

evil_element2251d ago

If u ever read about silicon valley you would know. That Xerox Parc made the 1st rough concept of a mouse and graphical user interface. But sadly Xerox and IBM thought that they were mere gimmics and not worth the money. THEY WERE DITCHED.

But Thank you steve jobs :) He got a contract with Xerox, letting Xerox have shares in Apple in the early days. They let steve have a look at their brain storming team rooms, steve plus a few apple engineers went off with the abandon mouse and graphical user interface. Physically design a mouse which was low cost and a graphical user interface which could beat command line entry system.

Gil Amelio licensed out the GUI to Bill Gates in 80's for Windows 1.0 but gates went off with the concept for windows 2.0. GUI became the backbone of both Apple and Microsoft OS's.

If you ever wonder why Mac's cost so much?

Bill Gates was the guy who hated the idea that sofware was free. Slammed people like Steve jobs who were giving gates work out for free.

Steve Jobs said Apple computers should be low cost and the software should be free. But he wasnt the CEO at the time so the pricing was set by the CEO at the time.

Hence why Apple costs so much now.

Freakazoid20122251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Well if nobody copied then things would never move forward. Just take Sony for example. If not for their copying of Nintendo, thy wouldnt have much new stuff to show for the past 5 or 6 years.

Mario Kart Clone.
SSB Clone
Vita Cross play
Most of Vita's features being from the DS.

Nothing wrong with it though. Everyone does it

KwietStorm2251d ago

I understand the point you're making about how companies in the consumer industry work, but your examples are lacking. If you subtract every one of those on your list, Sony would still have a LOT of their own product, namely new and original IPs, that matter. On top of that, there are countless mart racing games, and I don't see which one from Sony is a Mario Kart clone. Vita cross play is an evolution of what they already had with the PSP, and if "most" of Vita's features are from the DS, then everything from both of them are from smartphones and tablets.

KwietStorm2251d ago

I suppose you never heard of Palm?

Edito2251d ago

Apple came all this way because of Sony, if wasn't for Sony designs in that time Apple couldn't have come this far... so i think should stop with the Sammy Copied apple every body inspires everybody now days...

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SJIND2252d ago

Samsung is not copying Apple.! here is the proof!!!!!

Edito2251d ago

Where??? It's almost impossible to check the images lol...

stubbed_out2252d ago

Apple wouldn't be where they are without Samsung's technology.

Seriously though, this is comparing green apples to oranges (they actually grow green in the wild), yeah they're both fruit but there's plenty different about them.

They're like bloody children.

evil_element2251d ago

Your comparing design patents with technology patents. Two completely different fields. Example: Coke cola can looks on the outside with its distinct shape and colour reflects nothing of what it tastes like.

Design patents cover distinct form, form function, feel, texture, weight, ergonomics and accuracy.

Technology patents cover microchips layouts, resistors structures, capacitors structures, wiring layouts, gates, specific tech such as bluetooth, wifi, serial, USB e.t.c

How can people class design patents and technology patents as the same??????

stubbed_out2250d ago

Fair point.

Still like bloody children, its embarrassing.