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16 Misleading Display Specs and What They Really Mean

Gizmodo: Most HDTVs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and monitors prominently list their display specs as a sales and marketing tool. Unfortunately, many of these specs are misleading, and are misunderstood by both consumers and professionals. This makes it harder to figure out which displays are really better. Below are many of the specs you'll see together with brief explanations that will help you understand what they actually mean.

lordgreeg4121d ago

Well detailed and useful article which is kinda surprising from Gizmodo.


Philips unveils new dual monitor with an e-ink side-panel display

It's going to cost you $1,600 if it ever makes it to the states.

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Walmart early access sale: TVs, Apple tech, action cameras and more on sale ahead of Black Friday

See our favorite of the 500-plus deals in Walmart’s pre-Black Friday sale

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SwiderMan383d ago

The $398 LG TV is infinitely better than the $98 .onn TV, but I bet people will choose the latter


Review: INNOCN 27 4K mini LED monitor | KnowTechie

For $700, there’s a lot to like on this Mini LED 4K monitor from INNOCN. Just don’t expect a stylish design or additional features like USB hubs.

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