MIT students invent solar-powered air conditioner

MIT News: In some isolated clinics in parts of Africa, the electricity needed to power lights and medical devices is generated by expensive imported diesel fuel; the water supply can be so cold in winter that health workers can’t even wash their hands properly.

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SilentNegotiator3439d ago

That's a sweet idea; AC is expensive.

Any solar-powered utility is a great idea, so long as it works well. I'd love to get solar-units for just lights or some cash.

kingPoS3439d ago

Tech born out of necessity. Nothing wrong with that! That is until some patent troll comes along and declares that you have to pay a fee.

mcgrottys3439d ago

If I ever get the money I'm definetly going to try and make my house be able to last off the grid eventually, and it seems like that might be even more likely due to the advancements in technology like this.