How The iPhone 5 Looks In Your Hand And In Different Colors [IMAGES]

ijailbreak: This new iPhone 5 concept doesn’t look any different than any other, but it does add some spice in to the growing collection. There aren’t many iPhone 5 mockups out there that show you what it looks like being held. You know, it’s going to be taller, if all of the rumors and reports turn out to be true. So what does holding a taller iPhone look like? Well, this concept will show you.

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KingPin2527d ago

looks like a cheap toy.

Speed-Racer2527d ago

Horrible photoshop job. Did they those this in MS paint?

iamnsuperman2527d ago

Is it me or does it look oddly huge. I do not get big phones. It is a phone not a tablet

crxss2527d ago

i blame the bad editing job. it's only supposed to be slightly taller than the current iphone 4s/4. that, or the person holding the phone has tiny hands.