Eyes on with the iPhone 5 (sort of)

Neowin: We've all seen the leaks appear in recent weeks, and if you haven't, check out this article featuring a video put together by an someone claiming to have a genuine iPhone 5 casing way back in June; or here for some other nuggets.

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Speed-Racer2856d ago

Hmm this actually may be it. A number of sites have posted leaks looking exactly like this. Unless this is some elaborate scheme on Apple's part to distract us, it's rather safe to say that this might just be it.

DOOMZ2855d ago

More of the same... Go ANDROID!

Crazyglues2855d ago

Wow never thought I would say this but that's Awful, and if that's the next iPhone then i guess I will be getting a Galaxy III...

That just looks like a longer iPhone 4... pretty cheesy - I don't think it's real.

Because the real vision Steve Jobs talked about was getting the screen to go all the way up to the side so it's almost like it has no border..

This phone would be a complete design fail -looks lame like a stretched iPhone 4, the Galaxy III has a bigger screen wider and the phone is really thin. It would eat apple's lunch if this is there new phone.

Apple your in trouble -

Revvin2855d ago

I've just sent back a Galaxy S3 after using it for a day or so I went back to my iPhone 4 and will wait for the iPhone 5. I'm no Apple fanatic, the iPhone 4 was my first iPhone, I used Blackberry previously. I fancied a change and a lot of my friends have Android handsets so I thought I'd give it a try.

Overall it didn't feel like a premium handset which is odd because generally in tech terms, lighter is better but it just didn't feel as good as the iPhone 4 in my hand. There were other small dislikes that added up to me deciding to send the handset back. There were things I liked but overall I prefer my iPhone and I'll wait for the iPhone 5.

Crazyglues2855d ago

@ Revvin I find that really interesting..

for one I'm guessing you didn't try any other themes sometimes depending on what you had it on, makes it feel less impressive.

-I'm curious as to what else you didn't like, I did have a case on the one I used for three days and I found it to be amazing...

The phone was so fast and smooth, the way you could watch a movie and send a text with out stopping the movie amazing. Amazing processing power...

Revvin2855d ago

It was mainly down to a number of small annoyances adding up to me wanting to go back to my trusty old iPhone 4. The screen I felt was not as good as the iPhone 4, the text on the icons was visibly grainy. I was also concerned about screen burn in - a known issue with the Samsung AMOLED screens. It just didn't look as crisp and clear as my iPhone 4 and the whites were not as good.

The keyboard had some nice features the iPhone could use, swiping between different character sets but for some reason I could not find a happy medium between no predictive text and predictive text switched on. With it off you lose the spell checking but with it on it keeps autocorrecting words wrongly. I know you can download other keyboards but its more bloat even though I had a 32GB phone. On the subject of bloat I don't like the way Vodafone my carrier put several apps on there that I couldn't uninstall, sure I could hide them but I know they are there and it bugs me :)

I didn't find the default browser as good as the iPhone so I quickly installed Chrome but again its extra stuff that just eats up memory and I wasn't wholly happy with Chrome either, a mix of both would have probably been best and then clicking on links would bring up a pop-up asking me which browser I wanted to use, just another step whereas on the iPhone it just all works and I like the browser. I tried a few themes and downloaded a ringtone app (can't remember the name) as the ringtones were all silly tunes, call me old fashioned but I like my old telephone style ringer on my iPhone and Blackberry before it, there was one I found for the S3 but it’s just extra steps I found each time to do things that on the iPhone just work.

I was going to buy the official slip on case, the pouch one as that’s the kind of case I use on my iPhone and used on my Balckberry Storm before it. I was disappointed to find the case got marked after just a few hours being sat on my dinner table so God knows what it would have been like over the course of my 18 month contract. In contrast my iPhone is relatively spotless after almost 2 years with just one or two very light marks where is slid along a laminate floor and it didn’t always live in a case, outside of work it travelled in my pocket naked :). I was concerned about the durability of the S3.

It just didn’t feel like a premium phone in my hand, as I mentioned the back case became marked in a very small space of time and I’m a bit of a neat freak so I’d constantly be buying new backplates. Friends with the S2 all have shabby looking phones after 18/24 month contracts with the paint wearing around the edges where it slips in and out of pockets/handbags and that also irritates me. I think the screen may have been just a little too big, I know the iPhone 5 is rumoured to have a 4” screen but that’s smaller than the S3, I thought I’d like the bigger screen but in practice it made the phone a little too big for me.

It’s not that the S3 is a bad handset, it’s not, I liked the notification pull down giving me quick access to wifi, Bluetooth etc, I can’t remember which browser it was but say for instance when I viewed a web-site forum topic list it had the username right under the link to open the topic, sometimes it’s easy to click the username and not the topic and bring up his profile, one of the browsers I had on the S3 it made a small magnified pop-up so I could chose the one I wanted accurately. I will probably end up getting and iPhone 5 and it will cost me more as I had a really good deal on the S3 but I know where I am with iOS but that’s not to say once that contract is up I’ll won’t try Android again as there is just something about it that keep drawing me towards it :)

Crazyglues2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

@ Revvin

well that was a good read, I must say I found it interesting as I really didn't find much things wrong with the Galaxy S3 but I will agree with you on pixels not as detailed and stuff...

-but I found that minor as I don't think the average consumer even notices it... you and I might as we seem to be tech geeks..

but I enjoyed your review on it, as I really liked the phone and I'm an iPhone guy all the way, I don't like android but I found the phone to be a real compliment to the OS.

-But I guess we will see soon enough if iPhone can still hold it's crown..

I too am holding out to see the actual iPhone 5 and then I'll make up my mind on my next phone.. - but for the first time it looks like it will be a tough decision.

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SJIND2855d ago

I think it's fake. The glas is not well conglomerated with the back and the back looks like it's not a unibody.

iSpy2855d ago

All I really care about is a bigger screen and Quadcore.

evil_element2855d ago

Asian rip off. There's hundreds of ripped off gadgets from the west in China and Japan.

Quality is always the 1st sign if something is real or fake. The fact it looks flimsy is a good sign it isn't real with slight change in design as another.

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