Apple design chief: 'Our goal isn't to make money'

Telegraph: Apple might be the world’s most valuable company, with a market capitalisation of $556bn (£354bn), but its design chief insists it is not in business for the money.

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Syko3455d ago

Apple Shareholders upon hearing this quote...

adorie3455d ago

Hahahahaha...perfect image response to this quote title.

SnakeCQC3455d ago

its to rip off other peoples work and start BS patent wars

evil_element3455d ago

lol, "its to rip off other peoples work and start BS patent wars" your thinking of google. Apple have been around since the early days of computing. Folk seem to think Apple was ested in 2007.

evil_element3455d ago

Wonder how many folk know about manufacture and commerce?

Wonder why samsung goods are so cheap.

Could it be:

That they use cheap labour?
Questionable working conditions?
They use lesser materials?
That they use cheap precious minerals held in Asia?
That Human Rights don't exist?
That they are trying to break into the western market?

Apple comply with

Fair wages for staff
Good working conditions.
Quality materials (hence good durability of their products)
They have to buy precious minerals from Asia.
They comply with International Human Rights
They are from the West.

360ICE3453d ago

Now, I'm full, but would you like some factual quotations with that groundless statement?