Why I think OS X Mountain Lion is worth an upgrade

GigaOM: People often talk about the timeless design of Porsche’s cars: on paper they might not have deviated too much from the original idea, but in reality they have added more oomph, more features, and newer technologies into the car. I suppose one could say the same about Apple’s OS X operating system. I first started using OS X on the first Titanium machine released in September 2000. Sometimes the subsequent upgrades would leave my laptops wheezing, and other times they would make them zesty. But for nearly a decade, Apple has made OS X better and better.

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bwazy2365d ago

Yay, thanks apple for finally outing my 2008 Macbook. I would have enjoyed upgrading, but nooooooo, if I want ML I have to lay down a whopping 1000$+ to experience your newest iteration of left out features and glossy icons.

Moentjers2365d ago

get an iPad and you'll have most of the shiny new thingies via the iOS.

aviator1892364d ago

yeah, i'm pretty pissed at apple about that too. honestly, I think I'm done with apple. i think i'll move back to windows or something.

searchbuzz2363d ago

Everyone is loving this OS Upgrade.