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The next iPod touch has adopted a liquid crystal of the same size as the upcoming iPhone?

iOSVlog: "According to Macotakara the next iPod Touch will have the same 4-inch screen as the rumored next generation iPhone along with the iPhone 4S dual-core A5 chip. Going along they state that it will have a buffed but not mirrored backing similar to the iPad, which should help prevent less scratches. Finally, the source tells them that there is an extra hole on the back located at the bottom which they have no clue what it could be used for. Possibly LED flash but further away from the camera?"

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ShinFuYux3422d ago

thank god, my fourth generation Itouch is crappy out. Terrible battery, freezes a lot. Time to get a new one!

techie113421d ago

I think that no matter how good it will be?
This looks really not different then the original ipod. All they are going to do is stretch it out like the new iphone. If the ipad mini is going to come out they might as well dump the ipod because of its price point not unless they are going to lower to $99

SJIND3421d ago

ha ha ha terrible rendering. iPod with iPhone features(App) So no need for an iPhone.

iSpy3421d ago

Good news for the iPod touch community! They need an update/refresh indeed.

gaffyh3420d ago

Seems very likely tbh.

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