Are Smartphones Killing Television?

Fueled - And just like that, the first commercial is over. Next, a dark, sexy, luxury sedan speeds through a depopulated city as a gravelly-voiced man informs you of the wonders of 0.0 percent APR financing. “Who cares?” you mutter to yourself as you instinctively reach into your pocket for your smartphone. End scene.

Fueled takes a look at the effect of smartphones on advertising revenue.

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KingPin2771d ago

not at all.

i dont enjoy watching movies on a small screen that i have to hold for 2 hours.

and you must have serious issues if you do enjoy that.

duplissi2763d ago

way to read the article and comment accordingly.

the article is talking about how smartphones are distracting viewers from ads and that networks are making less ad revenue.

for me? i have been actively removing ads from my daily life for years now. i dont have cable, i dont even have an antenna, i opt out of any target advertising i find, use adblockers in my browsers and phone, etc... in fact i see next to no ads anywhere at all.

i had hulu for a while, but i ended up cancelling it because it got to a point where i couldnt sit through a whole episode before i just torrented it to be rid of ads.