The best Android phones. Period.

Cnet: Arm-wrestling iOS for market share, Android phones come in all different shapes, sizes, and feature sets. With such a steady stream of excellent handsets, this list updates often, so sign up for our Mobile Weekly newsletter to catch the latest Android winners.

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AsimLeonheart2874d ago

Where the hell is Galaxy Nexus?? It is the only pure Android phone which receives the latest updates and features foremost. Are they deciding the best phone based on hardware alone?

Cryptcuzz2874d ago

I agree, so stupid for them to leave out the Galaxy Nexus. I personally got mines running Axiom Antimyth Jelly Bean AOSP 4.1.1 with Trinity Kernel OC CPU to 1.728 GHz dual core, and it is so smooth and fast I have no need for an upgrade until the next Nexus.

AsimLeonheart2874d ago

Nice to know there are others who appreciate the Galaxy Nexus. I just bought an unlocked one a week ago and received Jelly Bean OTA the next day of purchase. I truly love it and I am proud to own it. Dual-core or quad-core processors do not make any difference when it comes to mobile phones. We are not using them for heavy computing. Similarly GPUs do not matter much either since we aren't going to play any high-end mainstream video games on our phones. The hardware only needs to be decent; the thing that really matters is functionality and value the software brings to us. Galaxy Nexus has got that in spades and will always be the leader in that department until the next Nexus device comes out. Even then it will be updated to the latest Android unlike other devices.

TheFallenAngel2873d ago

I would have to go with the Droid RAZR

Smokingunz2873d ago

I rather wait for the iPhone 5.