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Microsoft to deliver Office for Mac 2011 SkyDrive update, no new 2013 edition

The verge - Microsoft has confirmed that it plans to release an update to Office for Mac 2011 that will support the company's cloud-based SkyDrive storage. Similar to Office 2013, Microsoft's update will let Mac users access SkyDrive or Office 365 to save and retrieve documents.

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LOL_WUT4154d ago

Apple should just make their equivalent to Office and include it in every Mac or sell it. Or they could buy out Open Office it gets the job done.

TheGamingArt4154d ago

They honestly should, I'm surprised they haven't. They do have a 'flavor' of something like Word and such... but it's not.

fatstarr4154d ago

A: they did that and its a fail on 50 levels. it sux

B: oracle has a tight hold on open office which is the closest competitor to office.

C: the riots will ensue if open office =/= freeware

searchbuzz4154d ago

Its not where Mac really wanna go I suppose. OpenOffice works very well.


Microsoft launches app for iPhone users to use iMessage on PC

Microsoft has made it easy for iPhone users to check their mobile updates on Windows-enabled computers.

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Microsoft is dabbling with ads in the Windows 11 Settings menu

Is nothing sacred?

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How to listen to spatial audio on a Mac

If you want to get the most out of your sound, spatial audio is for you.

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