Spotify Needs A New Design

Geeks Have Landed: Spotify is by far my favourite music streaming application, mainly due to the fact that it is so easy to sync through my devices. It has it’s share of mistakes such as the heavy Facebook integration, however it still remains the best web music service in my eyes. Earlier this year, Spotify for iPad was finally released, shortly followed by the new Android update. Both of the applications had a beautiful user interface which begs the question….Why are we still using the boring old Spotify desktop application?

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searchbuzz3430d ago

I don't think its that ugly? Works just the way I need it to.

SamJohnson__3430d ago

It works absolutely fine. However I still think that the user interface could be hugely improved to match that of the iOS and Android applications.

searchbuzz3430d ago

Its a good opinion piece regardless :)

Soldierone3430d ago

I agree, can't stand it. Logged in, installed it, used it to listen to an "exclusive song" then tried it a few more times before uninstalling and never going back.