Kim Dotcom tweets 10 ‘facts’ about the Department of Justice, copyright and extradition

The Future Post: Kim Dotcom has gone on a Twitter rant, posting his a list of 10 ‘facts’ about the whole situation after MegaUpload’s shutdown.

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Snooki2289d ago

I don't support what he does, but I don't support the United States and New Zealand wrongfully prosecuting someone when there are so many flaws in their case.

Kurylo3d2288d ago

What exactly does he do? Run a website like youtube?

He follows and adheres to the same rules that the likes of youtube does. He has not once chalenged that or made it difficult. If someone asked him to take a file down.. he would take a file down.

Retarded that anyone would say he is doing anything wrong. If you want to hold him accountable. Hold everyone accountable. Hold youtube and facebook accountable. Shut them all down right now. Otherwise your a hypocrite.

fatstarr2288d ago

its the music man

megaupload had every type and kind of file imaginable

to fight youtube is to fight google and the world

to fight megaupload is a single no name guy

who would you choose as a target?

mind you 90% of the population has a tech IQ below 60. so they know no better who ever the media manipulates as the bad guy will be shunned.

Soldierone2288d ago

You don't support what he does, but don't realize what this is a symbol of? If they take him down, they can take you down for posting a picture of Snooki and using the pumpkins name as a username....

Ever wear a logo shirt, take a picture, and put it on facebook? Ever use copyrighted music in a video? Anything, and the government could come up with an excuse to put you through the same thing....

Megaupload isn't illegal.....Hollywood just wanted some money, so they said "hey ill support your campaign this election if you take this guy out!"

Kaneda2288d ago

He doesn't spend million of dollars putting in the back pocket of corrupt politicians!

Speed-Racer2289d ago

Wish him luck getting off.

Soldierone2288d ago

This is why people get "anti-government" all the time. stupid crap like this happens, where they are clearly in the wrong, people come out with it, and tables get turned. Yet the government will still come up with an excuse to try and make it seem like a "conspiracy theory" against them....

I still find it funny that pretty much everyone they go after lately somehow has child porn on their hard drives....really? So you go after people, and they just happen to be perverts? Its not to get the public on your side or anything?

Kurylo3d2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

yea like the wikileaks guy... i somehow doubt he ever did anything wrong. How is a guy who supposedly has so much to hide, going to blow the whistle on the most powerful people in the world and expect his illegal activities to be kept a secret.

He wouldnt expect that... and thats the point. If he wouldn't expect it... would he really throw himself under the bus like this. He more then likely never did any illegal activities. They are pushing bull crap on him so they can sweep what he says under the rug.

They will villainious and trump up bogus charges to anyone who opposes the man. I personally think were all doomed. Government is about control.. not about helping each other. At least thats how it is in this day and age.

Azmatik2286d ago

U.S.A just wants control this upsets me greatly notice how all the "evidence" against him no one can even look at cause the FBI wont allow it LOL

fatstarr2288d ago

its so messed up.
I been on his side from the start

its totally against him. and its not even a us thing they just found the treasure chest...
smh hopefully he gets the best lawyers and puts alot of people in their place and gets some new laws formed for pro piracy.

the government is a strong enemy but it can be beaten.

Anon19742287d ago

You've been against this convicted, career criminal from the start? I can't stand this "hug a thug" mentality. Look at his past, the fraud, the hacking, the insider trading, etc...etc even before this case. What about the people who were bilked out of millions by this guy? You think that money just fell out the sky, that these were all victimless crimes? So this fraudster who has already been convicted of stealing millions from investors is a hero, but I bet you think the banks are evil, and Madoff was a bad guy.

Damn rights they should seize his assets until he's cleared. If you rob a bank you can't use that stolen money to pay for lawyers. And this isn't just about "copyright" infringement like this criminal would have you believe. It's about the money laundering, it's about the racketeering, it's about the organized crime involved in all this. Are you really gullible enough to believe that this career criminal just popped up a web site overnight, ditched his criminal ways and became a legitimate success by changing his name and setting up shop in China?

Innocent until proven guilty but I'm still not going to let a criminal convicted of multiple rapes date my daughter because the last case of rape he's currently awaiting trial for might have some holes in the case. And I'm certainly not going to defend the criminal in this process. Even if he's innocent of this particular set of crimes, it doesn't suddenly alter all the other crimes he's been found guilty of. He's still a criminal.

fatstarr2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

it is innocent until proven guilty.
the governemnt is just using their powers to destroy this mans chances of fighting back. destroy the evidence that saves him and leave the evidence that sends him to jail all around.
the government got sloppy and tried to get this man as good as they could with out following proper procedures and laws.

if you think corporate business is all sunshine and rainbows you are gonna have a bad time. every company does something dirty here and there. everyone has dirt under the door mats.

in a sense its part of the corporate game. in business school they teach you to do what you can do illegally and if you become successful to then use your money to do it the proper way and legit.

Ive always been a fan of rule breakers and hackers and people that cause anarchy to the world. they are the ones that change things, innovate and open the eyes of millions. the internet today is the way it is because of bad people. I say stop trusting banks and having faith in technology that's out dated and easily cracked. learn to question before you do and teach people to read terms of services before they agree and pay.

people need to know that this computer shit aint no joke. anything can be hacked and cracked. and with the world investing into tech for the future bad things will come if the masses are suckered into leaving all hope to tech.

the man has some dirty business because he manipulated users with his advertising revenue to gain more money... he hosts illegal files big deal. hes not the greatest man but they slipped up trying to take him down. now he can do what millions want to do to the government. he can change it.

Also remember hes under New Zealand laws and not american laws. its a different jungle out there.

Anon19742287d ago

That's my point. He's been guilty over and over and over again. He's a career criminal. He might not have been found guilty of this particular crime yet, but that doesn't change the fact that this guy is a hacker, embezzler, a thief, etc.

And again, if you're accused of robbing a bank you don't get to pay for your defence with the alleged proceeds. I still can't get over how people defend this guy. "But all corporations are a little dirty, so it's ok!" "You only have to obey the laws where you live, not where you steal money from."


Soldierone2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

The issue is, he needs to find lawyers and people willing to fight for him for free. The government freezed everything and is blocking him from doing anything.

This is how they are trying to win. Using their power and trying to play with an ant.....

If he had his money, he would have all kinds of lawyers right now talking on his behalf, and things would be exploited.

EDIT Ran out of bubbles


Who told you he did all these things? The government. Who is opposing him in court? The government.

Its like picking a side in any court case, and not admitting that side is bluffing and throwing out lies too.

HE didn't personally do those things. Its like blaming a gun company for providing a robber with a gun, even though the robber was cleared and purchased it at a gun store....

Its not like the government is clear of things either. This case alone they broke how many laws? Sure you won't let your daughter date the rapist, but it doesn't help your case if your daughter is breaking other laws all the time.

Anon19742287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

"The government freezed everything and is blocking him from doing anything."
As well they should. You don't get to pay for your defence with the alleged proceeds of crime.

"Who told you he did all these things? The government.", the courts. He's been charged, tried and convicted over and over again. He started off young and was tried and convicted for hacking and for handling stolen goods and did time. 4 years later he was convicted in Germany's largest insider trading case, defrauding investors and netting himself millions. Next he pleaded guilty of embezzlement and was also convicted. This is all just the latest trouble this guy has got himself into.

He personally did all those things and was tried and convicted for them. Do some research. Now I'm not claiming he's guilty of these new crimes, that's for the courts to decide, but we know his history which is where my analogy came from. You'd have to be pretty dense to trust criminal with multiple convictions, and it doesn't help when he's driving around in luxury cars with plates that read "Mafia Hacker" and "Guilty".

As for this case "breaking the law" the judge found the search warrant too vague. We're talking a technicality here. The courts will decide what to do about it. The same judge that found the search warrants too vague has recently come under criticism of impartiality and is no longer presiding over the case. Not that it matters, as these were local judges and ultimately this case will find it's way in front of the NZ High Court.

If he's really reformed like he claims to be, then he should have nothing to worry about.

"Sure you won't let your daughter date the rapist, but it doesn't help your case if your daughter is breaking other laws all the time."

That's right. So if my daughter broke the law and was speeding or something I shouldn't be worried about her dating a convicted rapist. Give your head a shake. You guys can apologize for this criminal all you want. That's your prerogative and hey, maybe he really has given up his criminal past but I don't believe that for a second.

pompombrum2288d ago

It's funny how much influence the American courts hold on a country so far away from themselves. Blows my mind how this guy can get treated the way he does by a foreign government when his own government ruled America acted illegally. What's even funnier is there is naive patriotic Americans who just can't fathom why terrorists target their country.

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