iPhone 5 leaked photos show tall white frame with center camera

9to5 Mac - New photo of white next-generation iPhone front with centered FaceTime camera

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fatstarr3425d ago

bracing for the wave of minimalistic feature upgrades and cant tell if its the 4s or 5 memes coming along.

iSpy3425d ago

Wow! looks like iphone 4s. Fail

GuyThatPlaysGames3424d ago

Looks like you can't afford one FAIL ! Oh a Fandroid stalks and tries to troll another Apple article FAIL! Say what you want, the iPhone is a beast. Look everywhere, no matter where you look, you see an iPhone.

LOL_WUT3424d ago

The people who always bash the iPhone are usually the ones who cant afford one.

Listen people this is going to sell like crazy and you can't stop it. :)

MmaFan-Qc3424d ago

butthurted much?

let it go...

mcstorm3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Ovoxo_mike just because everyone has one dose not make it the best device out there. There are better phones on the market than the iphone. The difference is apple were spot on advertising the idevices and this has now become the publics choice because its been put in front of them 247 and i also works well too.
Is a ford focus better than a audi r8 as it must be as more people have them than an r8.

People buy what is well advanced and this is what apple i products are.

But this looks like a iphone 4s case

Kaneda3424d ago

Ford Focus is the Android.

Audi R8 is the iphone.

There are multiple types of Android phones out in the wild...

ChickeyCantor3424d ago

I have the money for it, and would NEVER buy it. It's overpriced garbage.

GuyThatPlaysGames3424d ago

@sidar & everyone else, if the iPhone is soooo bad, what is it that it can't do that makes it soooo bad??

fatstarr3423d ago

you guys sitting frot row in apples 1984 commercials.

damn they got yall. o.o Iphones are not expensive compared to top end android phones which kicks the iphone off buildings. I can afford apple products flat I see that company's ruse and refuse to support them at all.

been a 0 apple product owner for years. that company is the destruction of the world.

oh I recently found out alot of apple users are basically buying on credit? lol cant afford it flat out? hahha funny stuff .

Iphone has no freedom to change settings as you please
no way to customize it with out jail break
No GPS have fun looking at a map
your under apples tyrany from the start
SIRI monitors your data
everything you say to siri goes to apple and is used for what ever they want.
apple wants to put a patent on everything so they can sue the shit outta people.
shitty service
cracks easily

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Settler3424d ago

Yep, another thick, squarish brick.

simonrope3424d ago

People are expecting too much. It wouldn't surprise me if it's hardly got any changes at all. Just like 4S compared to 4.

Whatever apple release it will sell.. because people are retarded.

Rattlehead203424d ago

Typical unimaginative design.

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The story is too old to be commented.