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In Depth: Can the OUYA succeed and why should we want another home console?

Tristan Rendo of Clearance Bin Review writes, "The OUYA promises a $99 Android powered home console/dreamland for indie developers, but why?

I don’t ask “why?” to be a good old-fashioned Debbie Downer, or even a Negative Nacy (or any other combination of adjective and name paired by alliteration), but rather to pose the very real question that the people behind OUYA should be asking; why do we need another console? What will the end-user gain from it?"

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searchbuzz2288d ago

This is more N4G considering its a game console.

dexus2287d ago

Sure but it's HW and tech stuff :P

Under my opinion OUYA will exist (aside the prototype). It will even sell well.
But there it will end.
Current game console makers make money on games and not on hardware it self (well maybe nindendo does with thier c*ap)
There is no reason for game makers to create any games for completly hackable machine, better solution is PS3 where pirated games do not exist or PS Vita.

Good that it will run android, and there is ton of content so the console can live for few years until let's say android v5 will come and OUYA will have outdated hardware and unable to run it.