Apple warns retailers to stop selling certain Samsung devices

Cnet: How serious is Apple about getting a court-mandated sales ban against Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Nexus smartphone in place? Serious enough to start sending messages about it to carriers and other retailers, even before one of the injunctions was temporarily put on hold.

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iNFAMOUZ12290d ago

apple get the fuck outta here

2pacalypsenow2290d ago

so they want to stop sales on their own products because another products is challenging the ipad and iphone ?? sad

KingPin2290d ago

its coz they not making sales as expected and people are buying samsungs products because they are just better.

OT: Apple are like 5yr old kids. they crying and throwing their toys around. they sues samsung and lost now they going after retailers. only thing that comes to mind is LOL!!

extermin8or2290d ago

What what are Apple really going to do if Retailers ignore them in aim of getting their profits instead? What are they going to sue the retailers too? and risk pissing them off aswell?!

Soldierone2290d ago

Apple should work with Viacom, both seem to be pulling childish moves lately....

bahabeast2290d ago

apple hates how quick samsung rised and how much of a challenge they are to compete against. come on apple stop being babies.

Axecution2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Competition is definitely good.

In all honestly though, im sure Apple doesn't want people stealing their designs and features that they have patents on. They definitely go to some retarded extremes, but, there's SO MANY similarities it's unreal. I was shocked when i saw the Ice Cream Sanwhich layout of the settings menu. The EXACT SAME as the iPad. I mean it's an improvement from the old android settings but, my god, couldn't they do something different?

The design is also a very important feature of a phone. In my opinion it makes complete sense why theyd want to be the only company with that shape and design. It really makes the iPhone 4 stand out in a crowd of android devices. I can spot an iPhone shape from down the street.

I dont know, i just feel like Apple is doing what they need to do to be successful to some extent. A bit of an extreme way of doing it - that definitely limits future technologies - but i understand.

Got my Nexus 7 coming in the mail Tuesday hopefully! =D

Crazay2289d ago

I hope Apple pulls their products from big box stores in a "I'm taking my ball and going home with it" sort of attitude because those stores sell Samsung product. I really do.