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Facebook 'likes' and adverts' value doubted

BBC : A BBC investigation suggests companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain "likes" from Facebook members who have no real interest in their products.

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Speed-Racer3433d ago

Swear you guys love to submit Facebook stuff. lol.

searchbuzz3433d ago

And its not even a hot topic in the sidebar!

techie113433d ago

This is like freely advertising FB.

Soldierone3433d ago

I only like companies I know and actually like. Once that happens, the second they post a spam "status" or something useless, I delete it or block it.

Also "Earlier this year Facebook revealed that about 5-6% of its 901 million users might be fake - representing up to 54 million profiles. "

How is that number not any higher? I don't know of a single person with a Facebook account that either 1 Doesnt use it, or 2 has SEVERAL fake accounts. A majority of them are for stupid games that need 50 friends. My GF has 6 accounts alone.....

Also I've seen my friend create programs for fake accounts and spam, he even got in trouble for it. Its amazing how easy it is. Build a fake page, fake profile, and get thousands of them going within an hour.....

AgentWhite3433d ago

its a harsh reality , facebook should try and stop this fakist activities .